Thursday, December 16, 2010

Slowly Climbing

I've been switching between the Druid and the Hunter the past few nights, Hunter being 83 now and the Druid following closely at 82. I do want to hit 85 and I think I'm going to push it with the Druid. While prices are good for materials in the Ah, I figure it will be good to level her and make money along the way.

Yep, people are paying crazy prices for materials. That's fine with me, I like reaping the benefits of this high demand! I played Clo last night for the most part and made far less money than I do with Nyomi. There are some things I'd like to save for, or just in case I see something I want! Plus it's a nice bonus to be able to heal in any instances I might want to do.

Speaking of instances, I haven't done any on Nyomi, simply because I only knew where one was and it was so far out of the way that I couldn't be bothered to 'discover' any dungeons just by going to visit them. I think it's a bit annoying to have to do so, especially with how LFD works. Going there one time isn't going to help people learn their surroundings.

Besides the mundane stuff, I've slowly been working on Archeology- Which is pretty neat so far. I'm drooling over links people send me... I need to get to leveling it so I can get some goodies too! Also, I am almost tempted to go feral just to play around with the spec, it looks like fun. However I sold most of the Feral gear I've acquired so I may start saving some up form here on out.

I'm still in no rush to hit 85 but it will be nice to finally get there. I'm not sure really what I will do once I get there. I don't really want to worry about pugging heroics at this point in time. Not with a pug, but for now our small guild is still full of different levels with only one 85 so far.

What's eveyone else been doing in Cataclysm? Besides leveling? Any interesting new finds? Hope everyone is having a great week!



  1. I'm just having fun. I moved my hunter to Ysera and have mined and herbed a bit with her. I missed Hanuman (my white gorilla.) However I've mainly played the Auction House. I made a little over 10k in two days. Which isn't bad since I wasn't on there long. Playing the AH is something I really haven't done (and it's so easy to do) I've missed it.

    My guild has a lot of 85's, at least 12 now, when a few asked me when I was going to join them, I said I had no idea. I'm in no rush. When it comes to endgame most are hard core (but they're nice.) They don't care that I'm not interested in raiding. Thankfully most of them like to PvP too, definitely a perfect match for me, and the fact that the majority live near me (and are nice) is great too.

    I did have some free time today, so ran a new guildmate through Shadowfang Keep on Pouncie, then ran him again with my mage so I he could take the enchanting mats. My mage is an enchanter. I told him to take whatever dropped. We chatted a bit, he works from home too. He's in the SEO game, was nice talking with him.

  2. I hit 85 on Tuesday night, but it's because I've only been concentrating on one character. Anyway, I'm making a bundle on everything I sell on the AH too, but at the same time I've been spending a lot too! All those mats for professions and enhancements sure don't come cheap!

    And I'm loving Archaeology. That stuff is addictive!

  3. Working on the raptor hatchling bones right now! I was so excited when I saw the project pop up that I vowed not to go to sleep until I had it finished...

    Then I started to get only Night elf digsites and I got pissed. Seriously, Archeology can be downright frustrating when your trying to complete a particular project and the damn map won't cooperate with you. I'm 21 points away from completing the project... hopefully it will go better tonight

  4. Hey Pouncie! Wow you've made a small fortune there! I need to log in today and sell some stuff, I noticed people are buying items needed to level lower skill levels (I suppose with new races). I may clean out my bank some trying to sell some of that type of stuff!

    Sounds like you are enjoying things and taking time to smell the flowers. I am too ;)

    @GC- Gratz on 85! Archeology reall is cool, I want to focus more on it once I hit 85. I've been slack the last few days though!

    @Lono- Oh wow nice, I hope you get that finished soon! I will be so envious! I can't wait till i find something cool with mine, nothing so far!




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