Monday, December 13, 2010

Catching My Breath (WoW, EQ2, FR)

Lately, with Cataclysm I feel I've focused quite a lot on WoW. I wanted to mention a few other things that have caught my eye lately with some of my other games, while recapping some thoughts on my progression through Cataclysm. Sometimes I need to stop and catch my breath!

I was also mentioned on Multiplaying as Site of The Week- Yay! I've been following this site for quite awhile and it's a real honor to be mentioned! When I was a new, fresh blogger I had hoped to make the list! Thanks guys!!

I've been enjoying playing through cataclysm. The Hunter is halfway to 83. This weekend I spent a little time on alts, enough to get my DK 60 and flying, that's about it. The Hunter I have mixed feelings about. If you check out the forums, they are on fire with complaints about Hunter dps and scaling. While I try not to focus on this, it still is hard not to notice. I will be trying survival this evening to see how that does, as BM is great for leveling I'm not sure how viable it will be for raiding. As of now it seems competitive but I don't know this first hand, as far as comparisons go with the other specs. 

Dire is back into the swing of things and completely caught up with my Hunter, on the Priest. He is really enjoying things. I try not to complain too much as to taint any of his fresh returning thoughts! We also managed to do a run with Walk the Plank, Lonomonkey tanking for us since he hit 85! Big grats to him!! It was fun to do a guild run and I even got to show off my horrible kiting skills! I got two new weapons and a new bow, in that run!

The quests, there are so many quests and they have been fun and smooth. I liked the quest line where I got to be a Naga Battle maiden. That one was entertaining. Although I think my sea-legs are getting a little wobbly, I will be glad to walk on 'dry land' again soon. I will say that I have enjoyed the underwater zone immensely, it's just so freaking huge! I'm thankful for the underwater mounts!

I keep considering playing the Druid some too. I want to hit 85 soon though so I don't know when she will get some attention. I would like to try my hand at healing these new instances soon too. For now it's nice to sit back and dps while soaking up the scenery and learning mechanics of the instances. I may dust her off this week and see how it goes.

If you're not a big fan of Team Werewolf... I mean Worgens, EQ2 has Team Vampire covered! I couldn't resist. EQ2 has a new Vampire race due out soon with their winter rewards program. However, for those of us who may miss it I did hear the race will available in the cash shop.

Honestly, I'd be more excited if it were part of  the expansion, Velious, and I didn't have to put more out to buy a new race. I suppose it's really a perk to subscribers. While I do like that there are cool things in the cash shop for easy access I don't like it when (almost) everything cool is added to it. I start to wonder where the game's direction is headed. I'm sure once I return I'll check out the new race, it does look pretty sweet. It really caught my attention- Playable Vampires in Norrath?!!

EQ2 has also been working on server mergers which may liven things up. There have been some issues I've heard, they seem to be in the process of ironing out all the kinks still. I wish EQ2 all the best, may it all be smoothed out for when I return!

Free Realms
I still poke around in FR. I just don't have a lot to report when I do. It's one of those games I head to when I need something really laid back. I can just do whatever on my character and not worry about alts or progression and so on. If I I don't like how one class functions, I just play another, all on one character. I love having my one character who can do it all!

Anyhow, there are some really cool (Snow Days), rewards due out this week for subscribers! I'm a lifetime member so I am excited about this. Check it out, some really snazzy stuff. I'll be sure to talk more on it once I get my hands on these goodies!

Hope everyone has a great week and fun adventures!



  1. Arg, I still need to check out Star Trek Online season 3 myself, but I'm not even going to attempt to start anything else when it comes to gaming, until I get WoW out of my system. Sometimes, I just gotta feed it, and it will go away on its own.

    I'm hoping to get to 85 tonight. My husband and I have been focusing on our mains every night since the first day with the Worgens.

  2. I get that way too, haven't even played EQ2 but I've been following it. I suppose I'm a bit hesitant to race to 85 with the Hunter and see it's a disappointment. I am hoping things level out by the time I get there.

    Enjoying the scenery along the way, playing whatever is the most fun atm!

  3. Oh and hope ya get 85!

  4. I've been checking out the hunter issues after you talked to me yesterday and from what I gathered things are not goint well. If this plays out like before I expect hunters to suck for a while and then become godly all of a sudden after patch X.

    Been there before with my mage and I know how much it sucks.

    But you still have doom chicken of ultimate destruction to level until then :P




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