Thursday, December 9, 2010

Get Gabbin' Or Get Goin'!

I think I just might scream if I hear another NPC say that. While cute the first time, it started to get old quickly, in the Worgen starting area. Last night I managed to play through more of the area and while it is very impressive it's not comparable to the Goblin starting area. However, what is comparable to the Goblin starting area??!! If you're raving about the Worgen area you haven't even tried Goblin, apparently ;)

It was all fun and games until the masses of Worgen started killing off newbies, I had many good laughs at those poor alliance alts! I did like the storyline and the setting of the area was so lovely. I really, really wish I could have housing in that setting!

I also leveled the Hunter some too, she is halfway to 81. I got my lovely seahorse. I ended up logging her just because there were still so many people around and I'm also not in any big rush. The seahorse is so beautiful!! I wish I could use it everywhere.

The Goblin DK finally made it out of the starting area and I had a chance to check out the barber. There are extra hairstyles in there- Woo! They saved the best (female) ones for the barber! They are sooo cute! If you haven't had a chance to check it out, do so. I am sure the Worgen have that pony tail, I wanted, locked behind the barber! I'm just showing off my top three. I can't decide which >.>

Later on today I want to try my hand at Archeology, maybe get 81 on my Hunter and work on the Muppet of Doom (DK).

I'm tired today and little crabby (keeping it short today). My son forgot lunch money and wasn't fed at school. I hate yelling, but somebody has to do it, right?

Anyhow if you haven't made a Goblin, skip to step three, profit!


  1. LOL earlier I was actually thinking of naming my post something with "Gabbin'" in it. But no, that totally started getting on my nerves too, glad I'm not the only one!

  2. Same here. I'm not quite out of the starting zone yet and GODDAMN is that getting old.

    Really REALLY love the atmosphere though.

  3. @GC- Yes, I don't know where that line came from. That and 'I got a bad feelin'... So cheesey!

    @Slurms- Haha, glad I don't have to keep hearing it! I actually finished the starter zone today and it was so lovely, the whole feeling. It was a bitter sweet feeling.




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