Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cataclysm Thoughts

Yesterday I was pretty busy and didn't have a chance to put out some thoughts on Cataclysm's launch day. For one we got our new Android phones in- Yay! While I've played around on my brothers iphone, I still had a lot to figure out. So he came by (he had an android before buying the iphone 4) to show me some handy things with it. And I absolutely love it! Maybe my twitter won't be so dead anymore ;)

Bad kitty! I'm trying to play Cataclysm!
So besides spending too much time playing around on the phone I did manage to be on when Cataclysm went live. It was fun, chaotic and impressive. I did have to log out and back in, digital download, which I couldn't get back in right away (OMG LETS ALL LOG IN AT ONCE) but after about 10 minutes I managed to. It wasn't as bad as it could have been! My kitty, Tut,  (pictured) was being a bad kitty, that night.

We met up with a friend, Dire and I. We went to the new 80 starting area and it was crazy, all the people there! By this time it was an hour into Cataclysm and I had fun but moseyed off to try a Goblin, after awhile. I was tired of competing with so many people! Dire was tired and he actually fell asleep. The Goblins were the highlight of the night. I was so impressed with the quests and starting area. It was amazingly fun, such a fantastic job was done with everything I've seen so far in Cataclysm! I was floored.

I'm not going at a breakneck pace really, more of a snail's pace. I know it will all be there for the next year and a half, at least! I do want to see raid content but it's not going anywhere. I made a Goblin Mage which I had tons of fun with but I may end up playing more on my Goblin DK. I'm thinking about doing some tanking, possibly. I feel the need for a melee character!  As for my main, I want to play her some too. I'm just waiting for the initial burst of people to move on.

Yesterday Lono wanted to do some guild runs to level the guild and we managed to get one in, which was fun. We did a low level instance and I took my little Paladin. Free lewt! We want some of the guild rewards so we plan on working on the guild as we can. I'm sure we'll be doing some alt runs to boost those levels up too.We also saw the first 85 message while in there, jeez blow through the content why don't you?! Speaking of firsts, I hear Athene hit 85 before anyone else, on the EU launch. He did that in LK too. Last year he was banned for the manner of doing it, hope it's not a replay of that!

I've not yet had much of a chance to play through the Worgen area, very far. The Goblin starting area was amazing, I hope the Worgen one is just as fun. I did make one last night but my eyes were so heavy I couldn't get very far. I ended up falling asleep on the couch waiting on Dire to get home, which he woke me, to my surprise, with dinner. Yum! By then I was pretty much done for the night, ha!

So those are my first impressions of the expansion. It's one that is truly refreshing and I really have to give props to Blizzard for the impressive launch and all around fantastic job they did with Cataclysm. I just have to stop messing about and pick a character to play up first! I'm thinking of working on the DK some more today.

What's going on in your neck of the woods? Rushing to the cap or just taking the scenic route? Safe adventures all!



  1. Am glad your enjoying the expansion as much as I am. I can honestly say Ive not had this much fun in wow for years and thats with me solo questing and puging the dungeons. I really wanted to do some low level pvp but alas i dont have the patience to wait for a bg to pop.

    Anyway all in all im havin a blast and have just hit 31 tonight in stranglethorn (still not seen any alliance to gank) which im a tad high level for but hey its one of my old favourites. Anyway keep enjoying the expansion and writing about it of course :)

    Oh and cute cat lol

  2. Heya Kaozz, /hug

    Cute photo and congrats on the new phone. Not sure if you were thinking about using the dial in authenticator for the phone, I just read about that on Fluid Druid, there account got hacked so they are warning people not to use that app...

    Ok, back on topic...

    I actually popped onto some of the new zones early today. I've been toying around for the longest to get a feral set for Pouncie. I figured it would be a great idea since I run lowbie guildies through stuff. I do that now, but some of my gear was 76+. /grins. some of the instances were challengin because of the gear/lack of the ones I had but it was so much fun, I know now those will be a breeze, heh. I mainly healed on Pouncie so really did not focus on tanking gear.

    Anyway, I had some time this morning (after work was completed and daughter was at school) so I figured I'd snag some quest loot for Pounce. I went at a great time when there was not too many people in the area. I imagine people were sleeping, at school, or work. See working at home has its benefits! ;) I didn't stay in the underwater area too long. Which I didn't like too much (buggy quests made me annoyed) so I went to Hyjal which is perfect for a Feral Druid since the rewards were just what Pouncie needed.

    Now that I think of it, I could kick myself for not going to the new area sooner, but only for skinning. I have no desire to be part of that questing madness in the evenings, heh. ;) If I'd have done that, I'd have made a lot of gold with people vying for server firsts... ;) I imagine I still can do that since people will be leveling professions for the juicy guild rewards. Eh... I'll do that another day, I don't feel like it this evening. ;)

  3. @ Pitrelli- I'm having a LOT of fun, the only problem is I want to do so much. Gratz on 31!! I just rerolled a shaman tonight so I have some catching up to do!!

    I really love the goblins, they are just a fun race in general. You are right this is the most fun I've had in so long!

    And ty he is a BAD KITTY!

    @Pouncie- **Hugs** Oh that really sucks getting hacked like that! I have a regular authenticator I use so I don't have any reason to use the phone as one.

    My friend was skinning like mad launch night haha! He was like OMG I can't kill anything but I can skin.. lol.

    I just got my seahorse mount (pic tomorrow, it's so gorgeous!) in the underwater area, taking it slow still. I can only take so many people around me in small doses haha. It is nice and festive but a LOT of competition for quest mobs still!

  4. That seahorse mount is cute, I did that quest. I had to do it at least 6 times, it was bugging on my server, a few people in the area complained about it. After I fnally got the quest done I left the area, well after swimming around in aquatic form for a bit. ;)

    There are at least 7 people in my local guild that are already 85, they're nuts I tell yah! ;)

  5. It sounds like early on the Cataclysm is a success, that's good to hear!

  6. Makes me want to play again! I already miss my troll mage and it all looks really cool! I may need to talk to my GF about getting some internet turned on at the house and get playing!

  7. @ Jay- It's pretty great, was very surprised how good it is!

    @ Dan- We miss you! You should come join us, even just on the weekends would be fun. Maybe Matty would log in more ;)




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