Friday, December 10, 2010

Beauty Or The Beast? (Worgen)

Beauty or the beast?
Today I woke up with a Christmas tree knocked over on the floor, since then it's been knocked over three more times, all the ornaments are off of it, tinsel all over the house. I have one very bad kitty. To top it off my son's vice principal should be sent to the principal's office for lack of manners. Gotta love days like this.

I managed to finish off the Worgen starting area this morning. It was bittersweet. A lovely story with some sad parts. People losing their homeland a father losing his son, people losing loved ones in general. I feel for the Worgen, it makes me like Sylvanas a bit less. It's the nice part of playing both sides, you get to see things for yourself. Personally, I think she's lost it!

Player housing please?! You taunt me Blizzard >.>
I decided to make  a (yes, another) Druid. I wanted to play around with the new Druid forms. The Worgen are cool looking, a bit 'doggy' looking but cute that way. The mount/run speed animation, I'm still deciding what exactly my thoughts are on that. It's cool in a way but it's weird too. I can already hear all the 'doggy-style' jokes and 'attempts' in the cities. *Rolls Eyes*...

Something I did not like was my visit to the barber. I had to switch to Worgen, pick hair, get out of the chair, switch to human, see hair. Nope not the right one, do it all over again. Annoying. That will get costly at 85! Plus those new hairstyles from WoTLK were not an option for me. Booooo!

Other than that I had a nice time. While not as fun and crazy as the Goblin area it was a good play. It went by quickly and pretty smooth, for the most part. I still have to finish up the last part for the Goblins... Another day on that topic. Today it was nice to be in a cozy rainy day atmosphere.

I will miss those 'gabby' Gilneas'!
I've just been indecisive about what I want to play lately. When I get like this I just play whatever is fun at the moment. I may play the Worgen a bit more when no guildies are on. I'd like to see how some of the Alliance areas have changed with the questing.

So yeah, I'm all about just having fun with alts right now. I keep forgetting to try out archeology. That will give me a reason to log in the main. Hope everyone else is having fun with Cataclysm, seems they are! OR... whatever it is you are playing!



  1. I can't imagine having my tree knocked over once let alone three or four times. Is it intoxicated and stumbling over or do you have small furry creatures that think it's a giant play thing?

  2. It's a very naughty kitty knocking it over! He's really not in my good favor today. Gotta figure out what to do with him!




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