Monday, November 29, 2010

Where's The Love!?

Virtual hugs!

Meh, today isn't really a MMO post but about MMO blogging. I've had to cut down my feed reader as it keeps growing and really some of those sites people either quit writing or just other simple reasons- I've even had to cut out some snobby self centered bloggers from it. Anyhow, if you read my blog and want on my blogroll send me an email or add a comment!

It's odd, before I started writing I was shy and never would comment, but I read many. Once I did start writing (and adding comments) I did find out some of those bloggers, ones I had admired, were actually pretty snobby and didn't give a hoot if I read or commented on their sites. Why write if you can't take someone disagreeing in an adult like manner? Why write if you don't appreciate your readers? I don't ever want to be like that, or thought of like that.

I appreciate my blogger friends, ( like Lono, Pitrelli, MMOGamerchick, Pouncie, and many other friendly bloggers who might not always be able to answer a question but keep me in mind sometimes, like Syp) those who are always respectful and take the time to answer questions and comments. Those people are genuine and make the MMO Blogosphere worth being part of.

So even though I am boring at times or maybe sometimes I don't agree with you, I appreciate your input and support. Thanks for taking the time to comment and read my blog! Even if you don't comment I know 'you' dropped by ;)



  1. /hug

    Funny you should mention your feed reader because Id left mine over the weekend and was welcomed by 500 + articles lol i think i need to do some weeding as well.

    I agree with what you say regarding some bloggers ..... They take themselves far too seriously and have their heads stuck up their own ass.

  2. see i love you so much i posted twice....... Stoopid damn phone lol

  3. Haha! *Hugs* I'll remove the double ;)

    You said that much better than my candy coated version!

    I keep adding new blogs which fill the spot of the ones I remove. I don't mind adding good blogs but it starts to get excessive and I try now to mostly keep it to the people I really like and the most informative ones.

  4. I always like the fact you reply to your comments! I started doing that myself after I realized how much I appreciated it when the bloggers I read would reply to my comments on their blogs, so I decided to carry on that practice as well :)

  5. /hugs!

    I'm bad at replying at every comment. More often than not it's simply because I agree and I don't see what I could add.

    /whips himself to answer more

  6. Aw thanks guys!

    I know everyone can't always reply to what everyone says especially those who get far more comments than I. Comments make me all warm and fuzzy! I appreciate that people take the time to share their opinions here.

    Recently I had something (or someone rude) make me think about writing and why we do. Taking the time to share opinions and thoughts with others. To reach out to others, but I suppose to some it's just a way to display ME ME ME! I suppose some people are one sided but my encounter really struck me as being closed minded, as a writer. Which IMO isn't something good.

    It really made me appreciate people like you all <3

  7. I have avoided my feed reader for a few months, I have oer 300 feeds added to NetNewsWire so I know when I log back onto it, it won't be pretty. :)

    I always enjoy reading your posts, it's not the same regurgitated content I see in a lot of gaming blogs, you write what you like, and I enjoy that. I might not always agree with you, and that's ok., it also gives me a different outlook on an issue. Besides, it would be boring if we all thought alike. ;)

  8. Very well said Pouncie. Sometimes I may disagree with you but often there have been times where I saw where you were coming from, after pondering on it for awhile!

    I like to hear different outlooks, it can be refreshing and sometimes.. You actually see things with a different perspective ;)

  9. Not a fan of snobby bloggers myself either.

  10. Some are worse than others but it's always disappointing when you come across them.

    Sometimes some of it can be misinterpreted and it's hard to please everyone but I do like to try to get along and reach out to others, as a writer. I guess I expect everyone to be as friendly as I try to be!

  11. Hmm, luckily I haven't met anyone with the negative qualities you described yet.

  12. Well, lets hope you keep having positive experiences!




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