Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time Is Money! (WoW)

Ready to roll!
Lately I've been trying to get some stuff done before Cataclysm and with that came finishing up my reputations with the city factions in Azeroth. I've been so close and with the new tabards (-found by the city flight paths on the faction quartermasters-) it's easier than ever! Today I will have them all finished up, only about 2k rep left for the last one!

Vanity Plate= Time is money!
Along with all of the older city tabards the new factions were added in as well! When I found out you could already max your faction and grab a goblin mount I was ecstatic. There were people who farmed several mechanics and got the faction in as little as two hours but those ways were hot-fixed quickly. The best way is running heroics. If that isn't your cup of tea the tabards work in all old world instances as well as the ones in WoTLK.You can solo it, though it might take a little bit longer.

Last night I ended up getting my Goblin mount and it's so awesome! It's one sweet little ride. More and more people are getting them but that's cool, we're all excited about having a sweet new ride! I ended up running probably around 16 heroics this week/end and it's added up. It took me a bit as I started off slowly and picked up when Dire was home, faster queues with a healer! I even got several upgrades as the justice points were flowing in, bountiful, much faster than I initially thought they would. Not a big deal but nice to get some upgrades too! Even if it is a bit close to the expansion it's been fun and Dire has enjoyed it more than just messing about, which I do a lot of.

The only thing I do not like about the mount is it is silent. No cool sounds like other mechanical mounts. Well, when you jump it creaks. That's it! Oh Blizzard add in some sound please! It has flames coming out the back, it's not a pedal powered trike! While the Alliance are sort of in the cold with no snazzy new mount currently, well here's something that might, at least, make you laugh...

Goofin' off!
Other than that I've been working on other goals here and there. It was nice to do some heroics, we only ran into a couple of jerks but I had a bit of fun (poking fun) with them. Ya know, heroics are still so serious business right?! My Hunter's DPS has gone down a bit, it's not like she is decked out but she was doing a bit more and I do hope things even out at 85. I still love the class and while focus is fun and neat it's a bit odd going from so much mana to being focus starved at times. Let's hope for the best!

I've been exploring a little, still much to see, much to work on. I have grabbed a few new pets but nothing to brag about. It's been fun and refreshing and while I am messing about I'm (most of the time) getting stuff done. It's been real festive and I'm glad it's not over, Cataclysm will bring in a new wave of festivities! The new fishing and cooking dailies are fun, if not a bit annoying with everyone else doing them! I do like that they reward skill points, this will be nice in the future.

Good to have my healer.. Err.. Dire back!
I've made a little video showing off my new Goblin mount and a couple of the new areas for Worgen and Goblins. It's mostly to show off to some of my friends who have been absent from the game. It's short and just something fun!



  1. So... if you max out your races faction you can get the goblin mount? I know I'm exalted with the Tauren on Pouncie, and exalted with other factions on some of my other toons too. I saw a level 50 rolling around with one of those mounts in Zul Farrak.

    I need to start making money on Ysera, have not done that yet.

    Oh by the way, nice video!

  2. You just have to wear the goblin tabard and max out Bilgewater Cartel faction and that's it. I was surprised they let us do this already. I was glad though!

    Thanks, I was so excited I wanted to show it off hehe!

  3. Thanks Kaozz, I found it a few days ago. /hug

    Orgrimmar is still *new* to me, it's nice getting that new feeling in a game you've played a few years.

    I was all for Blizz revamping old content, even though at the time I didn't know if I was going to be coming back. I donned that tabard for a few dungeons, but I swapped to Thunderbluff, since I adore the kodos. I hate the hawkstrider, ok maybe I don't hate it, but it's one of my least favorite mounts. ;)

  4. Glad you found it!

    I also love the changes to Azeroth, really they were well done. Props to Blizzard for such a fantastic job.

    I don't like the BE mounts much either.. besides the white one (Nyomi has it!). It is the only one I will really use.




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