Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, WoW!

Pigtails, awww. Don't be fooled by her cute appearance!
If you haven't logged into WoW you might want to do so to get your feat of strength for the six year anniversary. While I think a feat of strength is underwhelming some people seem fine with it. I want a pet! I've been pouting over that as I am a lover of pets. Not really a festive birthday but I suppose The Shattering has us busy enough. 

I've been doing this and that, as I've mentioned in previous posts, getting ready for Cataclysm. I couldn't help but make a new alt to play through the new revised content. I am still debating on working on my Warlock or my new little Mage. While I've made a few new little alts recently, like the Night Elf Mage I always wanted, I figured I should stay Horde as that is where my friends are and my heart is.

My Pet! He makes odd sounds...
I've played a warlock since the start of the game on and off. Highest hitting low 60's. However I've not played a Mage beyond 20. Messing around on my son and husband's doesn't count?! I know the class but not first hand and up close so I've been leaning towards it. It's been great fun and I love how you get a cool water elemental pet right off the bat, upon speccing frost. Very cool-I love pets!

That weird guy, Darnell and I.
I decided to head over to the Undead starting area which Ive always been very fond of. The changes really have been enjoyable with the quests. It's been fresh and new feeling. While the classes are the same they have a new feel starting out, which I really like. I had a blast on my Mage last night, making my way to Silverpine to quest was a good idea. I even had the 'pleasure' of seeing the Warlord call Sylvanas a bitch. The nerve! I really don't like him. I'd take Vol'jin or Sylvanas any day of the week as a leader. The Alliance think they have an ass with Varian, ha! Lets trade. I did like the quest with Darnell, what a friendly and helpful fellow he is!

Hold my hand, I'm scared.
Anyhow... I need to be making some money but I'm leaning more towards having fun on alts right now. Heck, I might even play one of these up. Today I plan on playing the Mage more and dabbling with the Lock a little also. It's nice checking out the new changes to the scenery. The Undead area is just fantastically more creepy! Hope everyone is having a blast, there's not much longer until Cata!



  1. I rolled an undead mage once the shattering dropped and Ive been pleasantly suprised on how fun it is (sheep and blink rock) I do think however a lot of my enjoyment has come from the forsaken zone itself. I have to admit the whole of silverpine was just a blast and its carried on to hillsbrad. I may well keep this mage and level him on occasion.

    As for garrosh, I think Im the only blogger who likes him. He is a throw back to the old (real) horde and will take them in a different direction to that of Thrall. I just never viewed thrall as a proper warchief - he almost seems more of a neutral character than horde orientated *shrug*

  2. Yes, those areas are so much fun now. I think all of the 1-50 content is probably pretty refreshing so I'm going to try picking up one char through those levels just for fun.

    It's not him I don't like honestly, it's how he is so entitled. Like a spoiled brat. Because of who he is, who his father is. He treats the other Horde leaders, who I really like, very ... How do you say... Shitty.

    Then again Silvanas is doing some pretty messed up stuff... It's so evil I love it ;)

  3. Agreed the Dark Lady seems to be treading a strange path and could alienate the Forsaken even more. I mean after the Wrath Gate event you would think they would play it same to keep the rest of the horde onside...... interesting to see how it works out.

    As for Garrosh treating people bad I think this stems from him demanding respect. I watched the small cut scene in the troll area between Garrosh and Vol'jin and ol' Vol'jin seems to be a tad bitter that Garrosh got the nod ahead of him.

    I think Thrall probablly recognised that another great war was on the horizon and I just dont see a better choice of Warchief than Garrosh in those circumstances.

  4. Yeah, I was surprised, especially when doing some of the quest showing first hand, Sylvanas' plans. It's pretty interesting though, that's for sure!

    I'll have to see how it plays out with Hellscream. I think I'll catch up on some of his lore. I did that with Varian and I saw him much differently.

  5. Mages are a lot of fun, interesting that you made one. I made another mage yesterday, naturally she's fire. I've tried all the specs but my favorite is fire hands down. They are truly a glass cannon. ;)

    I've always liked Garrosh, a lot of his actions seem to stem from his youth and perhaps trying to overcome the negative aspects of his father. Of course his dad did redeem himself in the end but he did a lot of damage along the way. I've always liked Thrall too but he's politically correct. I can understand why he does some of the things he does because of that, whereas Garrosh flips his finger at being PC -- I like that too. ;)

    Interestingly enough Garrosh's attitude/arrogance alienates some powerful figures within his on group. I never liked Varian even after I read the lore behind him. In some ways, Garrosh and Varian are similar.

  6. Mages are indeed glass cannons. I like the burst with fire but frost seemed fun for leveling. I guess I could never get past that to stick with one! Having a pet to tank for me always was more my style, as a caster.

    I don't know if she will get very high for now it's fun but I'm messing around with both of my little caster characters in the new areas and enjoying it a lot. The Lock took up most of my playtime last night hehe.

    I think once I delve into our new Warchief's history I might come to understand and like him more. The two leaders are very much alike, I agree!

  7. Man, has it really been that long, where does the time go. I actually was playing EQ2 when it launched a few months before I touched WoW.

  8. I too was playing EQ when WoW launched. I started a week or two after launch I think.

    I was hesitant of leaving EQ but it was a nice change of pace and blew me away (WoW).

  9. Kaozz, check out The Shattering by Christie Golden.
    Although still arrogant it gives you a glimpse about Garrosh, Varian is also in the book too, along with his son Anduin.

    Also, when you roll another alt (I know you love your alts) and pick up the quests on Durotar side, once your high enough snap up the quests starting at Morshan Ramparts. That area has changed drastically, since you are immediately thrown into battle against the night elves. Those quests will eventually lead you to a truly epic quest line that although long is amazing. At the end you'll get a chance to meet Garrosh, the cut scene is amazing and shows his compassionate side to him. I did that huge chain a few days ago. I had no idea about it before doing it, but I'm glad I did it. I think WoW Insider mentioned that chain earlier this week.

    I'm thinking they increased the xp per quests, since I was averaging over 3,000 per quest turn in, and I was knocking out two levels in an hour, not bad at all. ;)

  10. Yeah I will check those out. I was looking for WoW books in Half Priced the other day and they were SOLD OUT! I need to check Barnes & Noble.

    I will definitely check those quest lines out, I think my lock has passes that level range so I may wait to make a Goblin to do so. Sounds pretty epic!

    I keep getting busy with making videos and keep forgetting to read up on our new Warchief! I'm holding off on any videos for the whole weekend! I've been toying with Vegas which hasn't been fun, at times. I'm learning though.




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