Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where Did You Camp Out?

The end is near!!

A bitter sweet end to an 'era'. Things will change when we log in today! So, where did you camp out? A favorite old spot, or did you forget and park in Dalaran not worrying about the changes yet? Me, I camped out in a spot waiting on a new rare spawn. He will be mine!

Last night Dire was pretty excited about playing again which was refreshing. We ran ZG for one last try at the mounts, no luck but it was fun. I did not get as much covered yesterday as I had planned. I spent way too much time toying with my phone last night. I needed to get rid of my Halloween ring tones. Then I decided I needed to do a few other things and before I realized it, it was so late! I think subliminally I was putting it off.

I'm excited. A big change from a few months ago when I was whining about being bored, change is good though. Tune back in tomorrow to see all mah new pets!!

Goodbye Old World! Just some pics of some good memories or nice places!

Check out WHU for an epic goodbye!



  1. How will things change? Am intrested..

  2. Old areas are getting a make over!

  3. Hmm, let's see My shaman is in Org, my newest rogue is in Gadget. I just found out about the protals being removed yesterday, so I changed the hearthstone on the Rogue. I do think I left Pouncie in Dalaran. I have not played too much. Several of my other toons are in Dal, but I've really not been playing them, I'll worry about that when i do. ;)

  4. I actually hearthed to Dal because LONO tells me there is a portal there still to org lol. Luckily there was a mage there porting. I've now moved to Org, lots of new stuff there!




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