Monday, November 22, 2010

Want To See Something Gross?

Thumbs down for the female Worgen dance :(


  1. Yeah it's pretty sad. I'm not even that irked by the fact it's "sexualized", I just liked it better in the past when Blizzard stuck to more obscure or classic dances, and weren't like "HMMM, which pop culture icon who's all the rage right now can we rip off next?" Dances like the Macarena and MC Hammer have a timeless charm and might be remembered for years to come. Lady GaGa though? Somehow I doubt it.

  2. Exactly. Had I not heard what it was I'd have no idea what that dance was. Lady Gaga?! Come on, Thriller would have been so epic!!

  3. ha ha is it wrong that i like it ?

  4. The Worgen dance is a big improvement to the Lady Gaga dance. ;) For the record, I like some of Gaga's music, I just don't like most of her dancing, and this is one of the dances I simply don't like.

  5. I agree, that dance is just bad no matter how I look at it. I don't even find that sexy if that was the aim.

    Thumbs up for Thriller tough, that would have been awesome.

  6. @Pitrelli- You so would =p It is just scary!!

    @Pouncie- It's more so the fact that nobody knows what it is. If you do, well you have one up on me lol. And as MMOGC said, who is going to have any idea what it is years later? It's kind of creepy at the same time lol. Those claws...

    I like some of her songs, nothing against Gaga, not that I'm a huge fan.

    @Lono- I was almost positive they would do thriller.. then again I should have known with the direction goblins went! I had to google them, I'm so out of touch with the hip young crap it seems >_< Maybe it's just crap and not so hip? That's gotta be it... lol

  7. For the record, I don't like the worgen dance but yeah it's an improvement on Gag's version. ;)
    I think you'll see a lot of games, slip pop culture (somehow) into the gaming experience. It's not something I'm fond of, but yeah I'm sure I'll see it. /sobs

  8. Ok I didn't mean to type "Gag" (I swear) I meant Gaga, lol

  9. ROFL! Sure ya didn't =p




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