Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gotta Catch Them All!

Yesterday was a good day to be a Hunter! I felt like I was out catching Pokémon, I had so many pets I wanted to find. It has been such a festive feeling time in Warcraft, so many people around, friends on and excited. Lono, another friend and I were in vent sharing information and thoughts and it was cool

As I mentioned yesterday I planned to get the rare blue fox, Ashtail, which I did. It took about an hour and I think I was the first to tame him on Silvermoon, if not I was one of the first! I was bombarded with questions of where to tame him, once I hit Orgrimmar. Before I had a look around the new areas, I camped him and it was very nerve wracking as there were so many Hunters around. I noticed many were in the area Wowhead listed which is not his spawn, it's an area he paths through. He spawns against the east wall and paths to the road, his spawn point is where the arrow is in the picture, if you want to grab him. I thought I'd post up his pic to show those interested. He is lovely! I named him Ash. My buddy liked him so much he went out and got one too. And they dance ;)

There are many other neat pets, another ghost like wolf, which is always up in EPL on the east hill beside Darrowshire. All can be found on petopia, check out the cool new looks. I still have a few I want to get. I got a cute little monkey too but I was sad to find I had overlooked that he isn't a tank... Oh well he's adorable.

The world looks great and it seems like a good time to make a new alt! There are fun new quests such as the singing sunflower pet quest line. Which is no cake walk! I had my son help with the last three levels, yes I suck at strategy. He rocked, he got me the cute little pet and he had fun playing through it! It's a fun quest but for some people it might be a bit tedious. You have to complete five quests with the plants vs zombie mini game and they get harder each time!

What else... Gamon is now kicking ass and taking names. Tired of being pushed around for years! He is now an 85 elite with a huge HP pool. Engineer flying mounts work on land in Azeroth, no other flying mounts seem to. There are some awesome new tabards to be gotten near the flight paths in Org and UC. And there is a cool Hunter doggie pet to go with my little pug. Woo!

I poked around in the Troll starting area and I must say I like Vol'jin, I like his attitude. He is probably my favorite Horde leader. He has character and he isn't afraid to speak his mind. I like that. It's a nice starting area and I hope to mess around some more there. I think I only got to level three but I have plenty of time to mess around. Enjoy the pictures, I know I went a bit overboard but I can't help it!

Mean, greeen, fighting machine!

I'm on a... boat?

Pinky and the brain!



  1. Damn that lil fox is cool ! I may have to roll a huntard alt to get one ;) What level can you tame him at ?

  2. Thanks :D He's level 16 so it wouldn't take long at all to get him. I love this one and the Mastiff, just so different than the norm!

  3. Yeah PvZ WoW style was tough! I managed to do it in the end though, after failing the third part of the quest chain like 5 times! Having two rows of sunflowers was the key, once I discovered that I was able to finish off the final level in one try. And boy, was it worth it. That singing sunflower is so adorable!

    Did you go and pick up Withers yet? There is a grub pet added with this patch too, but I think I'm going to wait a while before I attempt farming for it :)

  4. Oh yeah the Sunflower is too cute!! I dread trying to get another lol.

    No, I was thinking about that other pet yesterday but I wasn't sure if it was out yet. Yikes another one like the oozling, farmed it so long I kept it instead of selling haha. I'm sure I'll get bored and go farm the little grub!




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