Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting In Gear For Cataclysm

Have you been getting things in order before Cataclysm and The Shattering? I've been trying to! It's getting closer and the shattering begins tomorrow! It's exciting and there are a few things you might want to make note of.

So, today we have one last day to see some zones, which means you may want to visit some of those, one last time, before those changes. Also note that the Dalaran/Shattrath portals will be removed!  The portals will be replaced with class trainers, oh joy. I'm not happy about this. Why revert? I'm going to skip this and put it in the back of my mind, hopefully it will stay in some dark corner and  not bother me anytime soon.

New Hunter pets! I am soo happy I will be able to grab me a fox and a cute little monkey! With the shattering changes come new looks and new beasts! Another thing that is exciting is the new race/class combinations! I will be trying a few, just for kicks. I've always wanted a Night Elf Mage.

So, there will be some cool things to explore while we wait, hopefully a new line added to the Cata events, some big finisher! I'm keeping busy with plenty to do until then! Plus Pilgrim's Bounty is here this week, it's actually an achievement I have but it's something to do for some monies.

I've worked on trades kills, still in the process actually! Paid my friend back a loan, finished some factions, worked on mounts, farmed mounts, vanity pets (omg this reminds me there are a few to try to grab today!!), rare hunter pets...

Oh the Hunter pet search has been a big time consumer and I try not to camp them! I try to just fly by but sometimes I go searching. I did manage to get Gondria and Loque'nahak but Skoll evades me. I'm not sure I even need him as my stable is filling up and I so badly want a FOX! Plus I still have my trusty ghost wolf (Grimtotem Spirit Guide), which won't be so rare in Cata as the skin will be brought back for a rare spawn- Spirit Beast. Yay for you Hunter's wanting him so badly and boo for us Hunter's who worked hard to attain and have had something unique to show for it. However, mine will still be a regular wolf where I can use in any spec, unlike this new one who will only be usable by BM hunters. Na- Na!

But yeah, I was pretty excited about the new pets, just checking through these zones real fast and they were both up (different days). I thought my heart was going to thump out of my chest while taming them, as it's been Hunter city this week in those rare spirit beast zones, I didn't want him getting snatched away. They've been like vultures, hanging around those spots! I didn't appear to be but I was looking around in different ways ;)

A tip for those looking for Gondria- If you really want to camp her, there is an easy way to look at all five spawns and keep a real good eye out. Fly up to the top of the Alter of Har'Koa and from there you can use Eagle Eye to check all the spawn points (it has unlimited range, if you can see there you can use it). Yes, track beasts does work with this so it saves a lot of time that flying would take. Though you still have to fly there if you see a spawn- but- it's a bit easier, even though it did put me to sleep a few times!

Last but not least Dire has returned. He isn't as enthused as I am so I'm not sure he will stick with it, it is nice to have him to play with as I have just been playing WoW alone most of the time lately. Maybe he'll warm up with the shattering.

Good luck with getting your ducks in a row, or whatever it is you want to do before it's too late! I figure I'll be a little busy this evening trying to scramble around with a few things. I'm so excited though, new stuff! It's about damn time. 

Some useful Info!

MMO-Champion has a lot of info on what will happen tomorrow.

Mania has some Hunter pet skin change info, worth checking out. Mania does Petopia as well, such a fantastic Hunter page. 



  1. Wonderful blog post! Your Blogs really beautiful!!

  2. hey congrats on the plethora of hunter pets. I was excited when I saw Loq on Zugsa. I tamed that one quickly. It's such a beautiful cat, but my trusty companion is the white gorilla I picked up in Ungoro.

    I really have not read too much about Cata, since I decided to come back and play now and again I wanted much of it to be a surprise..

    Completely off topic but...
    When I purchase Cata, will that include all the prior expansions on the CD? I'm guessing it will, since Blizz has stated it goes live, you must have Cata to play WOW. The older DVD's will be unplayable.

  3. The new hunter's pets are one of the things I'm really excited about.
    I want a fox or two, definitely one of the monkeys and a brainbug.

  4. @Pouncie- TY! I love that gorilla, I have him too. He's my tank!

    You should drop me a hello sometime! Where are you playing now?

    As far as installing it, yes, Wrath was like that. But I am not sure about all in one. It would have to say so on in the description- and I'm not thinking they will let them all go for forty bucks. I could be wrong though.

    @Erinys- Great minds think alike hehe, I want the same pets you mentioned. Oh and those new dogs and demon dogs... An the stable will fill up soon!!

  5. I didn't do a good job of explaining myself, lol.

    I meant i'm hoping I can just wipe the old Wow from my computer and do an install with Cata and be able to play everything. Naturally, you'll have to have paid for the others to actually be able to play the game.

  6. Oh I see. Though it is about time they did make it where you can buy them in a bundle!

    Yeah should be fine doing a fresh install with just Cataclysm. Wrath was like that too.




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