Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Change of Scenery (EQ2)

Recently I maxed out my faction with the Blades Court in Maj'Dul, which is the only way to access the housing there. What you have to do is gain faction with one of the courts, depending on how high your faction is you can access different housing. The higher the bigger the house. I had always wanted to do so but never really put much thought into it until recently. I maxed my faction and I'm now a proud owner of a large Maj'Dul house!

I just finished my house in Neriak, not too long ago. I couldn't resist fixing one of these up though, I really enjoyed it and spent way too much time messing around with it! I think I'll stay here for awhile, I like it a lot so far. It does have a lot of the same themes, I wanted to incorporate them into this house, so I tried to change things up a little but use some of the same items and theme, while doing so.

I've found the problem for my halting in the videos and it's Game Cam, I need to use my other program but I got lazy and just used the footage I already had. Sorry for the blips, maybe the next video will go smoother. It's all about fun though so I try not to fret over a few minor things.

Thanks for taking a peek. As always feel free to drop by and check it out. I had a few people on the EQ2 forums ask about my last residence so I'm listing the address. It's-  Large Maj'Dul residence (heh) and the waypoint is -232, 138, 69, for those not familiar with the city.

Song: When Things Go Wrong- By Airwave


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