Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Everquest II, Sixth Anniversary

This week is the six year anniversary for Everquest II! I'm excited because on the 19th (through the 30th) there will be some fun things to do in light of this anniversary. They are quite fun and I think a couple of new things will be added.

I remember when the game was released, I had Everquest friends leaving to play it. My computer back then couldn't even run it. My video card couldn't even support the pixel shaders. Finally I got a new video card and I really saw what I was missing. Now I have a computer which it runs so beautifully on, it's about time we caught up to this game!

Although I've been playing for almost four years, it wasn't until last year that I really fell hard for the game. Sure I have my complaints but it's the most fun I have in any MMO these days. It has a unique feel that I absolutely love.

So, here's to you Everquest II,  Happy 6th Anniversary!! May you bring us another happy six years! I'll be over at Screaming Monkeys today, trying to convince Lono why he needs to play ;) Head on over there at some point and check out my Five Reasons To Try Everquest II!


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