Monday, October 18, 2010

To Do List

I have to renew my domain name before tomorrow and I've been lazy with it, I still have not. I suppose part of me was thinking about taking a break from writing. While I still enjoy it, I don't know, I have mixed feelings. I suppose I'll do that at some point tonight.

Some cool stuff this week though. EQ2 is having server merges on November 16th. Not all at once, mind you, but slowly starting from there. I think a lot of players will be happy about this. I've done a lot of the Halloween stuff, most of it already. I'm thinking of messing around on my Fury some too during this event, possibly, and my Swashy.

Seems Vanguard has Halloween going on too. I just have to log in and play up one of my little newbie characters though. I started over on my other account. I don't know what level the events are so it's not all that a big deal. I do want to mess around with it but I can't settle on a class.

I'll be on LoTRO a bit this week. I meant to log in this weekend but time got by me. The Fall Festival starts tomorrow, exciting! I can't wait to partake in this event.

And even as cranky as I am... I regret missing one of my favorite events this year in WoW- Hallow's End.

Oh and my Event Calendar for October is in the works. Check it out

Hope you all have a creeptastic week ;)


  1. Why not login to do WoW Hallow end then? If you enjoy the event nothing prevents you from suscribing for a month, do the event and then unsuscribe. I know blow 15$ on useless stuff all the time.

    What I mean to say is that there's nothing preventing you playing just to enjoy a particular event. You don't have to raid, do instances or farm anything.

  2. I was thinking about it. Still trying to decide hehe.

  3. So we just realized that the Land server in LOTR is the unofficial RP server. Sorry, but we are not RPs at all, haha. I made it to lvl 16 though.

    We will be on Brandywine if you ever want to drop in!

  4. You might see it in the inn, if you choose to hang out there, it's not like it's all over. The server is actually very nice compared to where I tried out to start, Brandywine heh.

    GL to you guys. I don't play often enough to start over :(




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