Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Harvestmath (LoTRO)

Today was the kick off for Harvestmath in LoTRO. I haven't logged in for awhile and this was a nice little event to pop in for. Right off the bat I grabbed a timed quest which had me run around drinking beer, from inn to inn. I wasn't too happy being made to run all over on my first quest but I ended up getting a nice reward, a title. So, I suppose all that travel was worth it.

I'm still very fresh to LoTRO so it took me a bit to actually find the festival. It's located at the Party Tree. The what..? Head to The Shire, it's the tree right up near Hobbiton. I found another festival located in Breeland  also but I was interested in checking out Bilbo's haunted cellar.Which was well worth checking in for. It was awesomely creepy and fun!

I really enjoyed the cellar quests and you could tell that the instance was done with much  care as well as a lot of hard work and effort put into it. It was really neat and I just love seeing things like this for holiday events. There were secret bookcases, ghosts, spiders, just all kinds of creepy things.. even a spooky cellar to boot! There are three chests you can loot daily, from my understanding. I ended up getting a lovely cloak of falling leaves.

There are tokens and plenty of things to spend them on. A dance game and other fun things of the like. I didn't really do them all yet. I needed a break after all the running I did today! That's what really gets me with LoTRO. Be sure to pack your running shoes or if you have a horse make sure it's ready for a good bit of running! I felt sorry for the many people I saw on foot trying to get the quests done. It must have taken so long!

All in all it was a nice event but as I said, I don't like running as much as I do in LoTRO. I do like to travel .. but not to where it consumes most of the time I am on. I think it's a big reason why I don't play as much. Also, I don't like timers and there were a lot of timed quests. I like to take my time and enjoy the event, not rush around. I do love to spend a lot of time taking in things along the way.

Since I'm on a roll... Another thing was that they were not explained well, the quests. Go pull pranks on some people- What people? Certain people? Any people? I only found three then my twenty minute timer ran out since I had to afk. Later, I had to ask how to use the hobbit dance I learned. No explanation. I'm not picking things apart I just felt a good deal lost as a newbie. So if you're rather new, make sure to be ready to ask questions or spend some time figuring things out! There is nothing wrong with figuring things out but some things require some direction to be enjoyed.

It's well worth popping in and checking out, even if just to see the creepy lil' hobbit hole. Massively has a cool guide for the event you can check out here.

Oh... For your own sanity don't drink too much (like it can be helped). My character sounded like a grumbling old burping man most of the time I was on. Gross!

Cheers! Drink up, burp and grumble well  ;)


  1. Ack! I have to remember to take some time off and head back into LOTRO to do this!

  2. I popped in earlier since I had some extra time this afternoon, before I forgot about it!

    So many events, so little time =p

  3. LOTRO is a game I've always wanted to check out, too bad it's only available for Windows. Halloween is my favorite holiday, loved Hallowed Eve within WOW, so it's shocking that I haven't loaded the game just to check that out. I doubt that I will...

    How does it feel playing a game that you are new to? IT's always been a great rush for myself. The only game I've managed to squeeze into my routine is Petpet Park, I play that with my daughter. She's excited that she can run around in a game with me.

    Which reminds me, I need to post pictures of our in-game adventures. We haven't logged on in a few weeks. She's very active in sports/activities this year. However I'll have her check out this weekend to see what they've done for Halloween.

  4. Uhm, that should have been "Hallows End".. ;)

  5. Hey Pouncie! It is always so exciting to play something new. It's starting to wear off though lol.

    It's a good game though. Not playing it as a main course but it's fun on the side.

    Aw, would be cool to see those screens if you do get around to posting them!




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