Monday, September 20, 2010

The Stay In Middle Earth Continues!

This weekend I spent some play time in Middle Earth. I am enjoying myself very much so. I like it enough to sub and am sort of torn between LoTRO and EQ. While I enjoy Everquest it's been hard to not play LoTRO! I would have laughed if someone told me I'd like it so much, a month ago. However, I always like to give games a fair chance and see what's under the surface. This game has much more meat on it's bones than I thought it would have. Plus the story is... well epic.

I will probably end up subbing this week, until then I am playing my Captain and last night I made a Burglar which I want to play more and see how I like this class. Once I decide which to level first I'll sub. I really like the Captain a lot but the Burglar seems like a great deal of fun too. Oh the choices! It's all new to me still so the classes are very refreshing.

I was in the Bree inn the other night and there were a few people playing songs which was quite charming. Several of us lined up to listen. It hit me, right then, that you could play songs automatically with the instruments. So I went hog wild the next day and have a massive collection of songs to play. It's quite simple to put them into the game and some of them are really great. The best place I've found to download them is

I also did the Pirates Day event which was quite easy but it took me forever to walk to the quest turn in and then all the way back. It was nice I could participate even though I was a low level. I hope to do this with my Burg before it is gone.

For someone who loves fluff as much as I do, this game covers a lot. It's lovely and scenic. The game play feels solid. I like having a built in quest tracker as well. Last night Dire says to me, "You really like that game don't you", he also commented on what a good game it looked like. He's showing some interest! We sat and listened to songs on my lute the other day, he got suck a kick out of it.

I cannot wait to further continue with my adventures in Middle Earth, so much that I feel guilty when I think of my Everquest characters sitting waiting on me to play them, lol!

Safe adventures peeps!


  1. Glad you're having a great time -- if you're on Landroval, look me up!

  2. Woot! Lotro is so awesome at those levels.. and Rivendell.. just wait till you get to Rivendell. I really need to dust off my warden.

  3. @ Syp- Oh it's great! Yep, I'm playing there too. I'll have to look for you!

    @ Lono- I am guessing you play on Landroval too. Seems every blogger I know of plays here! That would be cool, let me know if you decide to pop in.

  4. Alas no! *raise arm for dramatic effect*

    I'm on Windfola. My friends rolled on that server a long time ago and that where we played. Never felt like a server transfer was worth it.

  5. I loved my first two dozen or so levels of LOTRO! I'm starting to slow down now that I'm in the early 40s, progress is a little slower. I'm still seeing some amazing views around the game though, and I agree, just wait until you get to Rivendell! You will be floored by its beauty.

  6. @ Lono- Ah I didn't know what server you were on. Aww. If you get bored you can always roll an alt here maybe!

    @ MMOGamerChick- What's your character's name?

    The game feels like it has a slow pace but I am still enjoying it a lot. It sure is lovely and has a nice feeling to it.




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