Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eventful Days

Just the other day there was a GM Event (or guide, as they do quite a lot of events really, we still call them GM events)  in Everquest, on our server. Nostalgic ties always cause me to gravitate towards these. While the loot is often nothing great, it's a lot of fun to participate. It was in the Loping Plains that a band of skeletons were running around causing havoc.

It was a blast and these are actual people playing, there is no taunting these quest actors! They randomly hit people, or sometimes not so randomly.... I had one chase me awhile, being at 30% health, he noticed! The nerve of that mean skelly! They move around trying to get away from back stabs and shadow step away leaving you looking around. Luckily I didn't end up dying and the loot wasn't so hot but it was something fun and exciting for a bit. These add a nice charming quality to the game. The people that take the time to run these events have my appreciation.

My Rogue hit 71 over the weekend and I banked up 18 AA points doing the Iksar illusion mask quest in FoS. We had a guildy help us with that, it was fun. Speaking of guildies we recently joined a new guild. Nice people and it's not so lonely when you have people to group with sometimes.

I love Everquest but sometimes I get distracted and bored if I grind out too many levels alone. These days I mostly play when Dire is on. The Rogue, as fun as it is in groups, is not always fun solo. So, I decided to make a Druid alt just for kicks. Yep, another alt. Dire knows I have been wanting to make one so he's been urging me to do so. If I can get her to 51 we can group and the levels will fly. Plus it's just better when you have someone to play with.

I'm still excited about the expansion, I wish I could say more about it. Soon! I hope I can last that long...! I leave you with some tunes, Plane of Time music is the best music in the game!

See you in Norrath!

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