Monday, September 27, 2010

Station Time

This week my Everquest sub was needing to be either canceled or renewed. I am still playing but not as much as I had been. I'm wanting to play some of my other characters but I'm still waiting on the transfers to go live on the FV server. Dire has been playing it regularly and enjoying it a lot. I am happy that he has settled down happily with it, it's nice to see someone so content with their game.

Dire thought I might like a station pass this time around as it would give me several games to play. He knows I've wanted to spend more time in Vanguard and how much I love playing EQ2. No choosing between EQ and EQ2, play both! So, that's what I did.

I've logged into Vanguard for a little, but mostly EQ2 on my old server. I do want to spend more time in Vanguard soon though. In EQ2 my Inquisitor is my highest character but she is actually on my other account and I mainly play this account because my favorite EQ characters are there. I had every intention of playing my long lost Swashbuckler whom I betrayed to Qeynos. But- In the end I'm having the most fun with the Necro.

I've heard that the Necromancer class can be an amazing solo class with AA points put into Tainted Heals. What this does is; for every Manipulation spell you cast, your pet is healed. It's healed for 18%- not a set amount which makes it truly rock. I was one point away and gained it very quickly to set up for this spec. I think I will be spending more time on her! This is how a Necromancer class should play, it's fun a great solo class and has decent pets to tank or dps with tons of utility while being very self sufficient.

Why not play EQ2X? Well, I'm just tired of the free crowd for the most part. Also I prefer getting the most bang for my buck and I don't mind supporting my games by doing so. Plus, why not have a station pass? It's perfect for someone like me who likes to play many games. While I may hop around they are always an option to play whenever I like. The station pass was made just for (players like) me!

LoTRO- I haven't played in about a day or so but I am just taking things slow. It's an amazing game and I'm not finished with it yet!

In EQ2, if you play on Mistmoore look me up! Farrah, Decree and Endure are my characters there.



  1. You should really take over my old mantle of 'mmo tourist' he he.

    In all seriousness its nice to see someone enjoying such a diverse collection of mmos and running them all alongside each other no less. Its an art form i cant seem to master as i always end up neglecting one.

    On another note mark me up as surprised that vanguard is still going these days. Ive got the original box somewhere but lasted a mere two days...... Yup it was that bad at launch. Anyway enjoy your gaming il be popping by to see how you get on :)

  2. Hey P! I know I am so bad these days! I just love to play different things lately.

    I tried Vanguard at release and did not play for much longer than you. However I enjoy it much more now. Going to start over completely as it's changed some since then. It's a refreshing game but I think it might be one for smaller doses hehe.

    Glad to see you popping by! Always great to hear from you :D

  3. Yeah apologies I've not been very active since I've been back mainly because I've just not had the time to read, comment or blog myself lol I've now however stated setting time aside to enjoy both ;)

  4. Always good to have time for the things we enjoy. Sometimes blog reading gets away from me too and I get to play catch up or I feel left behind haha!




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