Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Necromancer- LFM(inions) & Player Housing Additions (EQ2)

I am a maniac when it comes to player housing. I 'waste' too much time on it and enjoy every moment of it. I spend way too much (in-game) money on it and oooh and ahhh over every little detail. I love to visit friends houses to drool over designs and compare ideas. I've been working on my Necro's house in Gorowyn (Mistmoore Server) this week and I've come up with a couple of very cool rooms I hope to show off before long. A video perhaps! Until then I am slowly working on my house and having fun with it.

The reason I bring up housing is that many of the houses in EQ2 have not had an outdoors area, only some do. It's always a nice bit of charm to have a garden area or an outside type of area to decorate. I read yesterday that there have been additions to those that don't! It's not live yet, currently on test, so I am thinking it should come out within the next few weeks with the update containing the NoTD (Nights of the Dead) event.

Here are some examples that are listed on EQ2housing.com- Maj Dul, Neriak, Gorowyn, Kelethin and Halas. Let the drooling begin! Lovely aren't they! Props to the developers on these gorgeous additions! I can't wait to design mine!!


Other than messing around with player housing I've been working on leveling my Necromancer, Farrah. She is now closing in on level 40. It's been exciting and I didn't have intentions of leveling her but the play style is so me. And.. I just love to solo so the class is a good choice for me. I am sure I'll work on another healer here too, probably my Fury.

My bud is going to be playing again it looks like, I'm excited! He's patching now. I hope he sticks around longer this time, it is always great when friends play. A few others have taken breaks and it always seems I am the one who hangs in there the longest. Bored? Come join us on Mistmoore!

I hope to pull away and play some Vanguard, EQ and LoTRO this week too. So... hard... to... not.. log... In....



  1. Player housing has always appealed to me some might think that is odd since I love PVP. I think I sucked into the designing aspect. Having a background in that with Freelance fashion design and jewelry, I appreciate when gaming companies let users explore their creativity. Always happy to see when gaming companies encourage innovation within games. It gives players a chance to be unique instead of a carbon copy of many other toons. I always wished that games like WoW allowed more character customization. :)

    Totally off topic but you might get a chuckle from this...

    I write for a few business sites online, and I use a pen name with some of them. Do you want to guess what is the first name? It is "Sylvanas". I always admired that character within WoW. I do write under my real name but generally at my own web sites. Since I'm working on a book, I do not want to dilute the search engines by pointing readers to other web sites where I write.

  2. Hey lady! Yes player housing is pretty much having your own little piece of the game to design! I love it.

    I appreciate games that offer ways for you to make your character be more so unique, as well. I hated the carbon copy thing in WoW.

    It's a lovely name, I suppose that's the gamer in you coming out in other areas ;) She is a strong figure, one I always admired.




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