Sunday, September 26, 2010

Afk- Tut Has Taken Over!

Tut: "Shhhh! Maybe she won't see me!"

Who needs a mouse when you have a cat!!?
This is an everyday occurrence... He has to watch me play.
Time to kick back- All that gaming makes a kitty tired!


  1. Man... makes me want to run and buy a kitty now. I cannot afford one right now and roommate isn't an animal lover but someday...

  2. This little guy wandered into our lives awhile back- he followed us home one night. He is so smart. He listens well but.. he bounces off the walls when he gets going!

    He 'talks' and 'helps' all the time. We couldn't of picked a cooler cat to have if we had tried.

    I'm actually allergic to cats but his hair is really, really short so I don't have too much trouble with the allergies.

    Maybe one day you can get a cool little fellow to bounce off the walls and boss you around for milk! It's so worth it haha.

  3. Ohhh wonderful pictures!! LOL. The first ones Precious. He sure is a treasure! Now he looks like a plain ol orange cat but theres so much to this cat. Youre right you couldnt of found him if you had would of been like looking for a needle in a hay stack!

  4. In the pictures you can't see his lovely pattern and that he is more fawn than orange. Yeah he's a cool cat, sitting beside me in his chair haha.




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