Monday, September 13, 2010

Firiona Vie's Future- Looking Bright

Vittorio- MGB Junkie. (Mass Group Buff)
I was just thinking, the other day, how I missed some of my characters that are still on Bristlebane server, in EQ.  Lucky for me some good news is in the works. Recently EQ had server merges and the two that were special rule-set servers- Firiona Vie (RP) and Zek (PvP)- remained untouched. What could they do to keep the unique servers still but add appeal to players? We have been playing on FV for awhile and we really enjoy it there, so knowing the server wasn't going to be merged with a normal one is comforting.

It looks as if FV will be getting a nice XP boost, FREE transfers (yay, all my characters can move here), character slot limit from three up to the same amount as normal servers. Very good news for FV indeed. I may start playing around on some of my other characters a little bit too while I wait, I just hope it's not too long of a wait. Here's the official rundown on the FV and Zek changes.

This weekend I managed to work on several AAs with my Shaman and hit 71. With the Rogue I also did the AA thing and acquired level 67. I'm sort of not sure who I want to work on the most. While the Shaman is a robust class that is great in groups  and decent solo, it gets rather dull for me at times. Buffing and slowing with the occasional heals can be pretty boring. The rogue while not a great solo class it's really fun for me when grouped. I love being sneaky! So, I'm still deciding who to push to 85 first or just work on one of my higher characters whom I will transfer soon. 

Do you ever get like that? Just really can't decide which character you like the best? Ah, so many fun classes I truly love for unique reasons.  

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves with whatever you may be playing! 

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