Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It'll Get Here When It Gets Here!

Waiting for Cataclysm eh? They are too...

Lately so many people seem to be crying out for Cataclysm. As if this expansion will be the salvation we all need to like playing again. My response to that cry is to look at the track record. This year WoW will be six years old, it's getting some age- it's an old game. Look how long we go between expansions, do you honestly see this changing this far into the game? They don't have any heat under their ass(es) to do any different, so why would they? Hold on to your nickers you'll have more than enough time to burn through the content several times over!

I suppose it bothers me when I don't see much going back into a game, at least to fund content on a regular basis. I may not like to play a game like STO but I respect that the company is trying to keep people interested and adding new fresh content. At least in EQ and EQ2 I know that content will be there on a regular basis. I like this! It makes me a happy player.

I see all the hype about games such as TOR and I have pretty much lost all zest for a game that is still in the works and has been just handing out tidbits over the last year. Give me something I can go on or I lose interest. Oh look it's Han Solo's future home as a playable planet. I could give a rats 'arse' about planets, I want to hear a release date!

I just have a hard time staying interested with all this baiting. *Does her best Warlock Imp Impression* "Is this really necessary?" I'm playing a game now that delivers. Expansion each year, check! Plenty of content, check! Release dates given in a reasonable amount of time for expansions, check! It's actually a refreshing change when compared to others. What's so hard about that?

If you're bored with content, take a breather, your game will still be there when you get back. Wishing for a game to hand out more tidbits because it might be the greatest MMO ever? You'll have plenty of time when it's released to actually find out. Try something new or perhaps something old. You just might gain a new perspective on things or actually enjoy yourself.



  1. Hmmm.. I feel strangely targeted by this post :)

    What can I say? I'm a sucker when it comes to new stuff and I always get excited about a new expansions and games. I was like that at 5 and I'll still be at 90.

  2. I wonder if most people are just hungry for a distraction, any distraction. Because for me anyway, Cataclysm is just going to be something to tide me over until TOR releases in the spring. :P

    Might explain for why people are looking to Cataclysm for "salvation". After all, along with all the other big things that are on the horizon right now like TOR or GW2, it's probably the only one that's actually within reach.

  3. @ Lono- Not just you, there's others waiting for Cataclysm with baited breath. You probably the least out of them all hehe.

    I'm excited in my own way too but I just get sick of the extremely long waits on an MMO expansion.

    @GC- I suppose so too. I just think people are too accepting of being made to wait and drool over stuff such as WoW. Most keep playing long after the fun stops just because an expansion has been mentioned. These are hardcore WoW players I'm having in mind, not just MMO players.

    Don't get me wrong I enjoy WoW too, I just think the hype is starting to annoying- Still no release date.

  4. I'm too lazy to re-post.

    *Starting to be annoying*

  5. The slow releases never bothered me, I never understood why people rushed through content so quickly.

    Just like an amazing book, I take my time in games. I savor the moments I have within the virtual world. I pay attention to the lore, explore on my own, PVP I'm awed by the coding that goes into some of these remarkable games. I thoroughly enjoy my adventure.

    I don't get to game as often as I like, so the content stays fresh for myself. I do think that some (not all) people might get bored quicker if they spend too much time in one game., mix it up a bit.

    I still play The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and although I've been all over Vvardenfell I bet there's some places in that world, I still haven't discovered yet. ;)

  6. I suppose my outlook is one from an avid player, someone who raided often and does a lot of instances. Which if you do this on an often enough basis it starts to play itself out very quickly over a long span using the content up.

    You wouldn't say someone who watches a television program every week for six years should have taken it slower by skipping a few weeks.

    For a person who plays here and there, there is plenty to do but you have to consider everyone and their playing styles.

    Anyway you look at it- as much money that is made from the game... well, how much is actually put back into it content wise when compared to other games?

  7. *You wouldn't say someone who watches a television program every week for six years should have taken it slower by skipping a few weeks*

    Actually I would (only if I knew them well, and they kept complaining to me about being bored.) I don't watch the same things constantly, read the same books daily or weekly, I even switch up my exercise routines. I like variety. :)

    Yes, I realize people are different and not everyone things as I do. It would be boring if were exactly alike. :)

    How much money is Blizzard putting into their games? I really don't have an idea. I'm definitely not a shareholder and I never bothered to see how much is alloted for new content development.

    I'd be curious to see the stats on how many hours people play WoW (on a weekly basis or monthly basis.) That might shed some light into one of the reasons why they take their time to release content? Since I've left, I haven't followed up with WOW too much, but I thought I saw an article that stated that the majority of the people that played WoW were "casual players" if this is true that might be one reason why Blizzard isn't rushed to release something yearly.

  8. I suppose at the end of the day each of us will see it how we like. I try to be open to many different types of play and consider things in a different light.

    I'm sure if we really saw the profits and just how much wasn't put back into the game it would be staggering. I'm not going to debate it though.

    I also have problems with EQ catering to a small percentage of players the hardcore raiders. It reflects in the expansions. So it's not just WoW I have beef with content being put out slowly or aimed at a certain player base specifically.

    Keep customers happy and you'll keep them.




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