Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Everquest: HoT Prelude Events

I've been wondering why he's been laying there for the past... Month.
Today EQ Players has a prelude event listed for the House of Thule expansion. I was excited and thought it might be something fun to do. It starts with a little lizard man in PoK (by the big bank), named Trevis. Spoilers incoming. If you are just curious about more information scroll to the end for links.

So this little lizard mumbles about [bad things] and has me run off to Qeynos Hills in search of some fellow named Sagen. It turns out his wife has gone missing and he'd like me to look for her. I end up searching several areas in Blackburrow, which I have not been to in years. I actually got lost, fun. So I tell this fellow 'Sorry your wife wasn't with the Gnolls", and he has me head to Qeynos in search of her.

My wife is missing, can you find her while I stand around? Wonder if he is in any relation to Mankrik..
I speak to several people in Qeynos, stumbling along trying to find my way around the city as I've not been there in quite sometime. Nobody there has seen her and it's suspected she ran off with another man. I'm pointed to West Karana in search of her. It turn out she is hanging around outside the second groups of housing on the left side when you zone in.

Ah, Qeynos is all it's 1999 charming glory! It is still lovely
It seems she was adventuring and was lost but now she is tired and is going home. So I run back to Sagen and he thanks me and hands me ten platinum pieces. I was left wondering if there was anymore to the story. So.. I head back to Trevis who mumbles about [worse things] and sends me off looking for a fellow who is hanging around the hairy feet place. Halflings, so I head to Rivervale. This fellow tells me I don't have enough people in my party for a task. So I log in Dire's SK and grab the task.

Thought I'd blend in with the locals, Halfling illusion.
I wanted to try the task out just to see what it was about. The task has to be intended for higher levels. Me being only 71 with my Rogue, it just is a bit low. The mobs hit for around 4k and I had to run to fight another day! I ended up using my escape ability at 9% health. I suppose I could try it later on with my guild but the reward is 80 platinum. Maybe they all lead up to something better but it better be damn nice for all the running around involved! The quest is in extremes from low to high levels, sort of misleading but I guess at least everyone can do the first part.

All in all I was a bit underwhelmed. There, supposedly, will be several parts to the prelude and I hear there is an achievement. I suppose it was nice to revisit some old content at least.

Prelude Event official article and forum thread. (It was stated he [the quest mob] is an Iksar- He's a lizard man. Where do they get these CM's? Oh that's right EQ2....)
Zam: In the absence of Fear: Missing Persons- Prelude Event Part I
Zam: In the absence of Fear: Waylay Reinforcements- Prelude Event Part II
Zam: Prelude quest list

Can't help any further than that! Well, I do hope others enjoy it more so than I did.


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