Thursday, September 23, 2010

Think I'll Stay For Awhile (LoTRO)

I've been quite smitten with LoTRO since I've started playing it recently. I would have thought I'd be more interested in EQ2X but for some reason I've had more of a pull to this game lately. I'm sure I'll play the other game again but for now I'm very excited about my travels in Middle Earth. I hope it has a lot of appeal at the high levels, I surely hope to see those! I ended up subbing last night and I'm very glad I did.

It's the little perks that get me. Being able to use this or that, well it all adds up with me. Plus if I am playing a game I like having everything available to me. If I really like a game, why not support it! The cool thing with LoTRO is even if my sub runs out I can still log in and mess around. Very awesome. I wanted the whole experience so I went with a subscription, plus you get 500 Turbine Points a month, pretty sweet deal.

I actually broke down and bought a mount last night. In my opinion it was a great investment. In this game you do a lot of traveling so any means of getting there faster, it's something good in my eyes! Nothing fancy but I like my bay horsie. I especially like having transportation!

Speaking of buying things I think the cash shop in this game is very decently priced when compared to other games. I'm not paying twenty five bucks for a mount. I'm not paying  fifteen dollars for a cosmetic appearance slot item, I paid maybe two bucks or so for one. I think when compared to EQ2(X) this cash shop wins hands down. Buying auction slots- it's permanent! Not silly charges that have to be bought again. The prices are more realistic and don't make me want to hit baby murlocs! Don't get me wrong I love EQ2, I was just a bit put off by pricing lately.

I love the housing. It's not as snazzy as EQ2 but the neighborhoods, oh wow are they lovely! I read somewhere they [houses] are getting some things changed to make them a bit better and more versatile. Music rocks, appearance slots... two at that! Plenty of bank room for a starting character, wardrobe, free bags. I'm pretty happy with the newbie experience as a whole.

Fishing was fun, it's the only trade I've really messed around with and it's actually a hobby. I like it though, simple and enjoyable. The trades seem interesting and I hope to learn more about them soon. I'm also looking forward to doing skirmishes. Soon, I'm only 16 now! The game seems a bit slow paced but it's not too bad.

The community is great, thus far. People are helpful and charming with random RP. I really like the community and think it's a very nice atmosphere. I'm always looking for friends, add Heavenli and say hello if you play!

See you in middle Earth!


  1. I've heard there's plenty of appeal at high levels...if I ever get there LOL. I'm determined to get there though, even if it'll take some time.

    I think if you're going to be active in LOTRO for the next little while, it's definitely worth it to sub, I think it actually works out cheaper that way. Myself, I think I'll only downgrade to free if I find myself taking an extended break from it or if I'm busy in another game and only want to check in on LOTRO a few times a month. The 500 points are great too, I'm going to use them to buy stuff for my house :P

  2. Oh I can't wait to get a house, I'm still too poor hehe.

    I would only let it lapse if I was playing something else for awhile, also. I just got my 500 points this morning, still trying to decide what I want!

    It's good to hear high end has appeal to it! Give me something to look forward to.




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