Monday, August 16, 2010

Walk the Plank!

*Swoon* Vroom Vroom....Vroom!!

Our new guild Walk the Plank is going quite well so far. If you have been following me for awhile then you know how much I wanted a good guild while being friends but getting things done. With our strong leadership, and good mix of great players/members, each one of us, it's really starting out great.

Last night was our first run which we knew we'd have to pug some people as we have not been recruiting yet. I finally worked on a recruiting space on our (lovely) website (thanks Dan!) earlier today and hope to post it up on the realm forums later on. As I was saying, it turned out to be a really awesome run!

We had our very own Screaming Monkey, Lono, leading us (he's really a teddy bear but don't say I told you!) Dire as dps on his Priest, Jervevicious and I healing and we pugged the rest. It really went smooth. Lono is a great leader and we all did our jobs exceptionally well. It's was *Bam* 6/12 done in a very short period of time. It was impressive and fun all around for our first run. While it wasn't all just us, it's good to have a strong foundation to start with.

Currently I am still healing with the Druid but we have enough healers so I hope to bring my Hunter next week. I suppose we shall see how things go then. A great start though, one we are all very happy with.

And Gratz to Dire (on his Priest) on his new Hog!! It's so hawt!!



  1. Teddy bear.. me? First time ever I've been called that. Don't mind tough, the bear has claws :P

  2. Woot, I just joined tonight!

  3. Yay! I was out tonight, maybe I'll catch you on this week.




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