Monday, August 16, 2010

A Little Distraction!

Dixie going home!
I've been so busy lately! I haven't forgotten about my blog ;) I wanted to post up a little more about the one year mark but I've still got time for that this month! I've just had my hands full but it's been worth it!

Saturday we got a new addition to our family. Her name is Dixie and she is a baby Collie. She is the most precious little thing! So she has been taking up a lot, I do mean a lot, of my time. My son has been a big help with her also though. Right now she is sitting in a chair (on top of blankets and pillows, what a diva) beside him snoozing.

We have wanted a dog for quite some time and were suppose to have Gizmo come live with us when we could have one. I talked our regional manager into waving the pet deposit for compensation of the problems we have had since moving in (which are thankfully all fixed!). But anyhow, Gizmo ended up staying with my mother.*SAD KAOZZ*....

The picture does no justice to his size!
I actually found a Syberian Husky named Yukon that needed a home and I went out to pick him up this weekend. It was a bit of a trip and I had hoped he would be a good fit for us. Lo and Behold that dog was a monster (in size not personality... well he was one playful doggie)! I had no clue those dogs were that big. The owner said he was big, but he was BIG! He was taller than my 14 year old son when he stood on his hind feet. He was simply gorgeous but just too massive a dog for our place.

Long story short, I found out this lady also had full blooded Collie pups and I am a sucker for cute fluffy puppies! So we ended up taking one of those instead because I think our place would have been too small for Yukon and a family or person with more space would be ideal for him. Our Collie, Dixie, is fitting in nicely. She didn't get carsick once on the (longish) trip home and she is just a doll! Everyone loves her, even Gizmo. He is crazy about her! So if I end up getting slack with posts especially on the weekends- you know why!



  1. Hey Dixie rename her Smoozie!
    Isnt that cute!?

  2. Yes lol. But the guys won't like it hehe.

  3. Haha, decided to be like me and jumped on the puppy bandwagon eh? just kidding, what an adorable puppy! Aren't they a handful? My puppy still takes up a lot of my time, and is a big reason I haven't been able to play as much WoW :P

  4. Yeah we wanted to get a dog just because of all the time a puppy takes up but I saw baby Collies and had to have one.

    She is really sweet and while my son wants a dog to play with she will soon be more fun for him. He adores her. He's really wanted his own dog for a year now and finally we can have one for him.

    Right now she is biting my toes...

    But yeah my play time has been cut into, it's lots of work but we adore her!

  5. Oh and it's funny to see Dire get all mushy over a puppy! Haha!




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