Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mr. Angry

I've had my hands full with this new little pup and in the process my evenings playing have been cut a bit short. Chasing after little Dixie is a lot of work! I'm still in the process of gearing up my Hunter and it's been going much better. I'm still pretty excited about the guild getting rolling as well.

Mostly I group with my friends these days, not pugging very much at all. I hope to have her ready for ICC this weekend because right now we have enough healers to cover the bases. While I am still enjoying the game I try not to push myself with things that bother me. I don't want to burn out so I try to have fun and overlook those things. I really enjoy playing with my friends.

I haven't played much else lately. I have been wanting to play something on the side for when nobody is on to play with. I did log into Free Realms the other night to mess around for a few and I saw that there is a new little cutie pet- Domo. I named mine Mr.Angry lol. He's pictured at the top. I tend to get bored quickly lately so I haven't played much. I'm sure I'll get back into it once a holiday event comes around.

It looks like tomorrow EQ2X beta starts, which I'm really excited about. This will give me something to do on the side. I hope it is enough to keep me occupied! I really enjoy EQ2 so I will see if it is not too limited for me or if I just need to re-sub. I am curious to see which classes and races will be available to the first tier of this subscription model. More about it tomorrow, if it does in fact go live! 



  1. Im gonna hijack that horse and ride back up to VA!!! lol Pup time is like another kid hee hee hee...

  2. Hiya Kaozz,

    The little ones can be a handful. I'm sure little Dixie is adding a lot of entertainment into your household.

    The Free Realms pet looks adorable.

    My daughter has discovered PetPetPark, she really loves the game and I've followed her on some of her adventures.

  3. @Janet- Yes, like having a baby again lol.

    @Moondancer- Hey Pouncie!

    She is a real sweetie!

    Never seen that game, sounds cute though. Will have to check it out. Glad she found something that wasn't scaring her!

  4. Kaozz,

    PetPetPark is a cute game. It's made by Nickelodeon. Now that I think of it, it's the first time that we've actually played a video game together. So she was really excited about that. She did get a little text happy, sending mommy messages in the game, lol.

    I've taken pictures of us hanging out in the game. I'll will have to post them on my site.

    It's a free to play game, and you can purchase items too with real money too. However, it seems that you can purchase those same items by winning in game-gold (via mini-games.) She has outfitted her toon by playing games! She learns fast, lol.

    Don't even ask me what the gold is called. I'm a tourist in there, thankfully my daughter is more than happy to lead me around. :)




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