Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Waiting Game!

Lots of new info over the last few days about several games I love and one I'm simply hoping to love! Are you excited over any of these? I'm sitting here like a kid waiting for Christmas... just waiting to open those glorious presents! It seems I'm going to be playing the waiting game for awhile longer!

Everquest Next
I'm so excited about Everquest next, I just cannot wait to hear more about it! I read at Massively that the picture above is actually not concept art but in game art! So the game must be further along in development than many think! This is going to be the hardest game for me to wait for. I am just dying to hear more information on it.

I think a lot of old EQ fans will be waiting chomping at the bit for this long awaited game. While EQ2 is a wonderful game, for many 'old timers' it just was not what they expected nor craved from an Everquest game. For some, I have old EQ friends who love EQ2, it was fine. I was somewhere in the middle, adoring EQ2 for what it is but not feeling it was a true extension of Everquest.

This game is what I've been waiting on for quite sometime. Lets hope it's well worth the wait! One thing I do hope is this is a more serious MMO with not so much of the Station Cash focused in this game. I hope to see something pop up soon on! <3 to SOE!!

A new expansion featuring  the cold and lovely continent of Velious. While I will never recapture the feeling from the original Velious it seems like a nice addition to the game. What I found rather cool news though is that EQ2 will be getting flying mounts! They will only work in certain areas though. I wonder what kind of models we can expect. I am sure they will be quite lovely, knowing the EQ2 team!

House of Thule! The next Everquest expansion, expansion number seventeen! The ever growing Everquest, I hope it never stops. Several months ago I pondered over the name and if it had anything to do with player housing, well it does! I can't wait to see some previews of what housing will be like in Everquest. After almost 12 years EQ will have housing, crazy! It will add a bit more depth and be fun to have a house in Norrath.

I wonder where they will be? Will they have new themes or possible be in the old home cities. I would love a house in Neriak or Qeynos! If they are anything like the housing in EQ2 then I am sure they will be awesome. And furniture, I hope there is an abundance of it!

I'm pretty excited about this. I cannot wait to one day log in and be able to pick out a house in Everquest! I just hope I can afford one!

If you're like me, you've probably been wondering if the expansion will even make it out this year. We all now that Blizzard... well, does things in their own time. It's ready when it's ready! But it looks like it will be ready for a release in 2010, so yay! It's been said at the Activision Blizzard's Second Quarter Current Year 2010 Earnings Conference:

"... I'd like to point to the release of Cataclysm, being our best expansion yet for World of Warcraft. Although an exact release date has not yet been announced, we're on track to launch the expansion by the end of the year. As with all Blizzard games, though, we won't release until it's ready."
I surely hope so.  I am glad to at least know it won't be much longer as I've been waiting and waiting and ..waiting, as we all have. One less thing to wait on, eh!? You can read more at

What are you excited about?
While I am very excited about everything posted there are still more great things ahead like Guild Wars 2 and SW:TOR. I am very excited about those but I think Everquest hits home more so than the others, for me at least. I'm a fantasy girl with my head in the clouds. Guild Wars 2 and TOR look truly fantastic even if it (TOR) is more Sci-Fi than I am use to. Hey it's by BioWare, it's gotta be great!

So what has you excited? Do you think 2011 will be less of a dull grind than 2010 was? I certainly hope so!



  1. Your Blogs looking so beautiful! I love the pic too. Happy gaming!

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