Monday, August 9, 2010

End of the Road

What is a guild if people don't work together? For me a guild is a place where people with like minds join up. A team, if we don't work together and each of us try to do our part well... the guild will get nowhere.

Last night I ended up quitting my guild. Several of us were planning to leave and make our own way in another new guild. I did want to leave the old guild on a good note, helping them with 25 mans as they are always short on dependable heals lately I've felt the guild shifting due to the mass trade channel recruiting. Losing good players and gaining more and more bad people. Bad, rude, disgusting, lazy, bad all around.

Last night started out a fine night. After starting ICC 10 one of my friends kept asking me to inspect another member, while I was busy healing my behind off, I said I would afterward. I didn't have a chance to right away- Our other healer stood in the cleave not only once but twice, after I tossed her a battle rez. So you can see I was a bit testy and already slightly put off with people not pulling their weight. Standing in the fire, cleave and so on. Things happen but when they repeatedly happen and you deny you did it- it's not cool. 

Skipping past most of the boring stuff... I finally end up checking out a few members my friends mentioned to me having no gems or enchants. Some had only a few gems missing but no gems is no gems, it is what it is. Slack. My friends mention it to me because.. I'm the bigmouth. If something bothers me or something is wrong, well I don't hesitate to call someone out, in a nice way mind you but don't waste my time. Basically this is approximately what I grasped from the incompetent healer and two dps on the bottom of the meter below the tank:

Drama drama, name calling, omg you're so stupid gems don't mean nething wtf is ur problem. I'd rather wipe all nite than listen to you bitch u shut up i do have my armor in full enchants and gems it is just not on my character rite now!!! shut up i don't have to gem omg did i die becuz i am not gemmed we dont need u to heal us we can do this with out u!! OMG why are u raging at us it was fun till u started taklking!! the guild is ok i have no gems u suck is! all we dun need u!

Really? Have at it crappy dps new member _001.

At this point I left them try just that. I won't be disrespected because I mention obvious things. They couldn't finish it. So the great guild I thought were my friends? Well those people started not caring after mass recruiting in trade channel. They accept people not showing up with flasks, no repair money, no gems. What do you expect if the guild leader has no gems in his off spec set? His girlfriend's Hunter having MP5 enchant on her shoulders? Yeah, I knew it was coming. Pathetic really. They had a good core and threw it all away for quantity.

On another note I hit 80 on my hunter finally! To top this great night off I was called a fag in my first heroic for needing on an item someone else wanted also. Clearly they should have it because they didn't want to do the instance ever again! Sometimes I wonder WTF I am doing playing this game still lol.


  1. I always find your ranting about things in WoW very entertaining. I wish I could somehow be empathetic, but it's WoW. Do you truly expect different than what you're experiencing in regard to the community? Your best bet is to join a guild like Sacred Valor on Kul Tiras. A guild that doesn't pollute their roster in the name of "progression". Then again, your driving force is "progression", so the possibility you would be content in such a guild is minimal. What you want, you will be unable to find due to your play style in an environment full of mentally challenged gamers. While I may hate it, facts are facts. Hence, once I went back for the fourth time (I'm guessing here and I may have done this more often than I can remember) and quit within 48 hours, I came to the realization it would be impossible for me to find enjoyment in the game. Not solely due to my issues with the game, but predominantly due to those who play it. The things you may enjoy about WoW, harbor the things you hate. The complete and utter retardedness that is the WoW community. Roll THAT up and smoke it, Night Elf!

    P.S. I just quit smoking. I'm grumpy.

  2. Er, Blood Elf. I knew I was going to do that.

  3. Yes, you're turning into a grumpy old man it seems :p I get grumpy when I try to quit, tried last week.. didn't happen. BTW I'll smoke a cig for you when I'm done posting this.

    Anyhow... I play to play with my husband. I know if your wife said she wanted to play an MMO you'd do the same. But I see hell freezing over before that happened =p

    Some good friends and I are going to start up our own 10 man team. So things are looking good. A great bunch of us who are actually friends not just some random idiots.

    I'm not shocked about what happens on a regular basis, I guess sharing things leaves me up for those comments like: What did you expect? The only thing I can say is, what did you expect to read =p

  4. It's true, I'm never surprised by anything I hear about the WoW community anymore.

    And now that I've read your post and know more about the story, I think I understand a little more about why it didn't work out. When the erosion of discipline begins from the top at the leadership, you'll have problems. If ever I see a GM or a RL who can't even set a good example for their followers, I leave right away.

  5. Yeah it's never a good thing. We had plans to leave before I left the guild. I didn't plan to leave on a sour note though.

  6. Sorry to read this, but getting out was the best thing that you could do. No point in wasting your time with people who don't respect those that they play with. There are plenty of decent people still playing WoW it's just a case of finding them.

  7. Yeah it was pretty disappointing though that friends didn't back me up in the end.

    New guild is up and running though and we are happy!

  8. Or rather... those I thought were friends.

  9. pfftt... loser all of them. We'll be rolling in riches while they're still wondering why they can't get down.




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