Wednesday, August 18, 2010

AFK Edition!

Something about that curly tail amuses her!

Dixie had a play date with Gizmo today! Busy, busy... and Dire is on his vacation this week. I will have my hands full for a few days! Pictured above is Gizmo following my brother and Dixie following Gizmo. Most of the time he follows her, but if food is involved... that is his one true love!

EQ2X was put on hold for another day so I was a sad panda! *Crosses fingers* that tomorrow will have things ready to roll! There was an update today for EQ2 which I thought had some really cool things added to it. Quests showing on maps like a quest helper, very awesome and much needed!

Some people have been complaining on the forums but I suppose people will complain about anything! There were a few changes I could understand being upset over though. EQ2 did get a snazzy UI make-over which looks good so far. So, heres to hoping that tomorrow brings the  EQ2X server up!



  1. The food critic! lol A play date how sweet!

  2. Hehe yeah they had a lot of fun, she was so tired by the end of the evening.

  3. The cuteness... it hurts!!! :)

  4. Haha, they are so cute I could just eat them up! Puppy cakes with extra sugar!

  5. Awww, soooo cute! Be sure to post more pictures of puppy as he gets bigger!

  6. Hows your little one doing? I bet he is a real sweetie. Is he a lap pupy or a handful that runs everywhere? Been wanting to ask you how he's been getting along!

  7. He'll happily be a lap puppy when he's tired and sleepy, but he never stays asleep long and when he's awake and active he likes to be all over. He also poops and pees like every hour so can't let him out of my sight! Makes doing anything including gaming very difficult :P

    He got his last shots a couple weeks ago, so we're able to take him everywhere now. We were in Petsmart last night getting him some training treats (I actually managed to teach him sit, down, and rollover :P ) and we brought him along, he was like the star of the store with everyone awwwing over him LOL. I have a really cute pic, I might post it along with an update to my blog this weekend if I have time.

    How old is your puppy now?

  8. I actually had to re-home her today. I cried but the family that got her adored her. They even brought their other dog to come meet her (they take their dogs everywhere with them). She instantly fell in love with their dog and wouldn't leave his side. He is a collie and she thought it was one of her parents it seemed like.

    Our place was just too small for her and I should have not been blinded by cute puppy-ness. I felt really bad but to see her so happy and they have a huge yard, she is very very energetic, well I think I found her the perfect home. They take their dogs everywhere. One recently died of old age.

    I know she will be very happy.

  9. And I am sooo tired today, repeating myself in some parts there lol.




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