Friday, August 20, 2010

EQ2X, Getting My Feet Wet!

Yesterday, after a bit of delay, EQ2X servers were up and running. There was a lot of complaining that wasn't deserved. Gamers often think developers as Gods who should have everything perfect and instant, but this isn't the case and things happen. I was disappointed that the launch was delayed, I wasn't going to make a big deal over it, all was forgiven and I was happy to log in yesterday!

As a nomadic type of gamer I like to play many games coming and going here and there. While I could just stick with the normal server I think this server could be very beneficial to a player like myself. If I want to take a break but still log in for those holiday events, I oh so love, I can still do so. It's nice also that I can try to get some of my friends to check it out and really they can just jump in and get a feel without any pressure of buying or being on a limited trial.

Some of the things I don't like are the many limitations. Bag limitations, money limitations and race/class limitations. For someone like myself- I already bought the game. I have all expansions yet I still have to buy these races again if I want to play those not listed in the bronze membership or even gold. Even if I pay what is equal to the regular live monthly fee I would still have to buy those, and extra classes. I don't like this deal much, it's not very beneficial to me, I already paid over  $70.00 USD for a collectors edition of the latest expansion, yet I still would have to pay more to unlock what I already bought. This needs to be looked into.

The server is healthy and populated, we shall see how it fares as time goes on. I think it will do well. I plan on going up to a gold membership eventually, just not now. As you can see pictured above I wanted to be a Wood Elf. While the class I wanted was available the race wasn't. I can't justify paying more right now.

I am excited about playing EQ2X, I really adore EQ2 so it is nice being back. My Swashbuckler, Foxy, is level 10 now. I love the class and it's perfect for me while I run afk, every five seconds to run after my puppy girl, to just invis and afk as needed.

I do hope to make some friends while starting over. I really have enjoyed my time back immensely thus far. If you're playing too, look me up!

See you in Norrath!


  1. I thought that Gold members get access to the classes now just like Platinum members. I do wish silver members were able to purchase them.

  2. No, it still says only four races but access to the other classes. Then if you let it lapse I don't think you can play those classes. I really had hoped the silver would offer more too.

    I ended up buying Wood Elf just so I could have a race I liked.

  3. I'm going to download the client this weekend, and see if I can get some time in to check it out!




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