Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blast From The Past

Our last guild run for our new guild went south at a rapid rate. Due to some bad luck we just got some real bad pugs. I was playing my Hunter alt and was top dps which was a bit bad since I had the lowest gear score by far. The people had the capabilities to put out more dps and we just didn't have the dps we needed to pull off the raid. So we decided to just wait to bother with doing a real run until Sunday.

However we still wanted to do something fun so we ended up keying some and doing a MC clear for kicks. It was pretty fun and a few had never been in there. We just took one group of friends and had a fun time. I had not been in there since my days raiding it in 'vanilla' so it was neat going back.

Lately I haven't been playing as much, I've just been busy and playing some other stuff on the side a little. I sometimes need some space from things in WoW as they can be rather tiring. I'm thinking about just sticking with my Druid as my main once again. I wanted to switch over the the Hunter but I'm just thinking about putting her on hold.

Dire has been gearing up his characters decently on his vacation. Today is his last day but he's gone on some real good runs in his time off. I can't stomach as many pugs as he can! He lucked out with his Rogue and ended up getting some really nice upgrades.

Tonight is our weekly ICC run, we will end up pugging five members though. We need to do some more recruiting, it's been going slow. So, wish us luck!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!




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