Friday, July 23, 2010

Drama Begins...

I've really enjoyed my guild since joining, it's been a real fun time. That is- until we started recruiting for 25 mans. We still have fun but there are some things that shift when you acquire new people and don't really screen them. I'm not big on guild applications but I'm also not big for just randomly doing things to fill up ranks.

Some people ignore things that go on but if you let things slide you are going to run into trouble in the long run. I don't want my guild chat being an extension of trade chat. I don't want my nice guild going all to hell because of a few bad apples.

Yesterday I saw someone running off at the mouth and picking on one of the other members. It was annoying and after the raid before, which had too much chaos, I decided to jump into it. Which I was insulted and had some childish gender remarks thrown my way by this member. I'm sure I didn't act appropriately, unleashing some horrible language on him but it was long overdue.

Nobody stopped this guy. They let things go on. Behind the scene he was making threats to the guild leader the night before, insulting other players and so on. He had given bad advice to other healers and fought with me in the past stating there was no need to research the class you play. What bugs me so badly was that he got his way, brought an alt to our first 25 man, grabbed the loot, created chaos then was finally kicked yesterday. I don't want to see this become a pattern.

It's not my guild, not my say but I don't know how much I can take if people are not put in place when the time calls for it. We ended on a good note last night, having another go at RS, which we didn't get finished but we had a fun time. Nobody yelled or blamed anyone. The core group of this guild is fantastic and it's the reason I'm still there.

So, that's me venting. Nip things int he bud. Strike while the iron is hot, things always have an ugly way of biting us in the ass if we don't.

In other news, my Death Knight is 62 now. I'm having a blast on her still. I bought dual spec and have had fun playing around with Unholy and Blood specs. I am looking forward to getting her to 80, but I'm not rushing it. It is nice to have something else to play on the side.

Safe adventures! 


  1. I sort of disagree with you here, if you are a member you are part of the guild too. :) Those who created the guild cannot tackle group activities on their own, they need the assistance of those who make up the guild too, its teamwork, and yes you're part of that team. ;)

    I do have to say whether the guild leaders don't pull people up when they do things such as that, it can lead to issues later on, here's hoping they recognize that locate their backbone and pull up people when they get out of line.

    Congrats on your DK, she's advancing quite nicely! /applause

  2. I know what you mean but at the end of the day it's not my call. I don't have much say because it's not my guild and I am not an officer. Believe you me I do say my fill =p

    Not that I want to be an officer, I just think someone needs to be firm about setting some boundaries.

    Ty! The DK is quite fun, it will be a nice alt. Who knows it might end up a main one day.

  3. AnonymousJuly 23, 2010

    Recruiting to fill out your raids is always such a headache. That's why I love raiding co-ops now. We got to draw from a larger pool of raiders, and had less attendance issues, and because no matter how well you vet when you recruit, sometimes the crazies still get through :P

  4. Yes, I agree it is nice to have that. Been awhile since I was in a guild that did this. Seems less chaos overall!

  5. I might call you but you on a raid right now lol we know what that means..NO talkin lol!
    How about the No hands speaker? lol jk

  6. Haha, nah long done with the raid ;)




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