Monday, July 26, 2010


My Death Knight hit level 66 last night which made me very happy. Only two levels to go and then I can head to Northrend! I made a point to do every quest in Hellfire and I only just hit Zangarmarsh last night but I've also had Dire run me through a bunch of dungeons. He offered to run me through three last night and two a few nights ago. I don't even have to ask which was sweet of him,  he seems to enjoy running me through these.

I've gotten several nice items but soon they will be replaced with Northrend items. It's been nice flying while in Outland, I think tonight I'll take advantage of this and skip around some zones doing the quests I remember fondly. I hope to hit 68 or close to, tonight or tomorrow.

We had our first second group for our 10 man runs last night. It didn't go as well as we wanted and we had some delays but I am hoping it will shape up. We have several new members on these runs and need static healers still. I am considering going Holy still but I just have been wanting to spend the time on my alt and not in heroics gathering badges.

I have another friend joining us again in WoW today and am excited to have him playing with us again. He's one of our best friends and I think he will fit in with our guild quite well. It seems WoW is more full of friends for me than it has been in so long, it's very nice. I've been a lone traveler from game to game for months and months- making frineds along the way but not feeling quite settled until now. I treasure every friendship I've made along the way and wish I could hold these friendships to me dearly, forever.



  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2010

    Holy crap, you are really fast! By the time I hit Outland (just hit lvl 55 last night), you'll already be well on your way through Northrend. You Death Knights! :P

  2. I know lol... it's just flown by. I think the heirloom gear helps a lot too.

    Well we can always do plenty of fun stuff at 80! Gratz on 55 too!!




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