Saturday, July 24, 2010

Around Azeroth

Just some pics from around Azeroth.
My little pony!

Feeling a bit blue...

Home Sweet Home!

Get off my Lawn, Arthas!


  1. Oh nice pictures...

    Is it wrong that I've always wanted to take out Watcher Jhang, I don't think we did though. We however killed a a few other Night Elves/human characters that we didn't like in game. That was Horde side on the Zul-jin server.

    Fun times... I miss my buddies. We did a lot together, none of them play anymore (I met them all in WoW) tighest group of in-game buddies I ever had the pleasure to play with in WoW. We still keep in contact via phone/email. We've even hooked each other up with networking contacts in the real world, so that's very cool.

  2. I love those built-in beds the Orc Inns have. So practical and yet so cute with the beaded curtains.

  3. AnonymousJuly 24, 2010

    Is that what the fourth picture is, an orc inn? Where exactly is that, that's adorable...especially with your penguin pet out LOL

  4. @Moondancer- Hehe it's fun to just go around doing fun things in the old areas. I have a nice bunch of friends in WoW now it's been really fun. Wish you were playing with us!!

    @Erinys- Yes, they are so cute! I sooo wish WoW had housing. How cute would that be in player housing!

    @GC- Ty, it's the inn in Thrallmar. I had noticed it before and this time I thought it would make a really cute pic!

  5. Awesome :) Back to WoW eh?

  6. Heyas! Yeah, for now. It is just easy for us both to play and keep up with lately. You been playing anything?

  7. A little Guild Wars haha. Not really a whole lot goin on. Having fun in WoW?

  8. Yeah, I am. It's been real fun being back. Any hopes of a return for you?

    You need to text me your GW character name so I can say hi. I was planning in popping in there sometime this week, funny you should mention playing!




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