Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm excited today. I just found out EQ2 is offering a free service! I've been torn about having too many accounts active and letting some lapse so I am very excited that this service is being offered. I will definitely be playing this when it's released. There is still the same deal with subscriptions these two things are separate in most ways. So those of you who still want things to remain the same as they are now, they will- unless you want to go to the free model.

For someone like me this is really great and I can start that little alt I've been wanting to work on for awhile! There are a bunch of questions I've had and there is a huge list of FAQ, you can check it out here. There will still be a sort of trial but only through the recruit a friend program. Anyhow check out the FAQ! I'm excitedly waiting for this!

It's nice to see games like LoTRO and EQ2 offer these models for free. I'm excited about LoTRO going free also as I will actually spend more time trying to get to know that game I think. Free isn't bad. World of Warcraft was originally suppose to be free to play, but that didn't work out.

You can read the whole story at EQplayers. A second look, after posting this, makes me wonder though how serious I'd play this as a main staple with some of the restrictions, as FTP. I am still very excited as it would be a nice outlet on the side with this. Pictured above is the chart how the different plans will work. Still there is always the regular game if I wanted to be more serious about EQ2, it's nice that it will still be available. I am really happy I will be able to log in whenever I want to pop in to see the holiday events, they are some of the most fun in any game I play! For those of you who have wanted to try the game, this is a perfect time to jump in and not have to worry about time restrictions on a trial. It's a fantastic game and a great way for more people to find out!

See ya in Norrath!


  1. AnonymousJuly 27, 2010

    I was happy when I heard the news too, because this might be my chance to try EQ2!!!

  2. Oh you should! It's really worth a try especially once this gets rolling.

    I still feel guilty for taking my break and miss it sometimes. This will give me a chance to get back into it again, just at a slower pace.

  3. AnonymousJuly 29, 2010

    Great news - I will be there to play it and make a pause from the evergrinding EQ1

  4. Hehe. EQ1.. Ah, I still miss that ol' grindly game when I'm not playing it!

  5. I suppose I have no more excuses. Damnit!

  6. Hehe, It's definitely worth a try.




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