Monday, July 19, 2010

Both Sides of The Field

Sometimes it's nice to have a change of pace and play the other faction. I've played WoW since release, on both sides heavily. I often miss one side or a city when I've not played that side for a time. So, I figured I would play my little Alliance DK up instead of deleting her to be remade on the Horde. Dire still plays on this side, he often hops around, playing both sides frequently.Yay, flying skill gained last night! I already have heirloom flying bought for Northrend. I love being able to fly in these areas while questing.

I've been playing my main quite a bit still. Speaking of, I have been mostly doing daily quest with her and some raiding. Last night I went to ICC with my husband's old guild. He's joined mine as of yesterday, I'm happy! We thought we'd go along with them as it's close to reset. It was nice, while a little trying at times, they are nice people. I don't mind a rough run with good people, pugs have taught me to value people more so.

Raiding is nice but I tire of it if too long is spent on it. I am more hardcore casual these days. When I first began gaming I looked upon raiders wistfully. I remember reading the guild recruitment page for one of the best raiding guilds on my server in Everqest, on Lanys T'Vyl, I wondered if I would ever be able to have the time to fit this raiding into my days. It said- Pack a lunch this is an all day event. I went on to raid eventually and it was time consuming on occasions. Today's raids I like more so, quick and to the point. Though in WoW it's like twister on crack- jumping around avoiding fires and jumping through hoops. I often miss the spank and tank raids.

While I'm casual I'm still hardcore in the aspect of learning my classes inside out and understand other classes. I put forth 110% when I do something. I still like to be current with content but I don't have to be on top. Some nights I'd rather be off doing something silly, chasing after a pet or a mount drop other times I'd rather be on a raid.

These days I enjoy a mixture of things playing my MMO games. I enjoy acquiring items may they be pets, loot, mounts or other things I can stick in housing or display on my character for years to come. I also enjoy exploring and acquiring money to put towards goals, perhaps an alt or something else I've wanted.All the while enjoying raiding too, just not too much!

Many wonderful people have I met, sometimes losing touch with them. I enjoy most of all making new friends and when the occasion arises- reuniting with old pals. While I try to keep in touch with friends I try to play for me.

What about you, what drives you? Do you play for friends these days, to raid, or perhaps to just escape into fantasy for a brief time?


  1. I play for myself, simple as that. I've met many fabulous folks in the games I have played but if I'm not feeling a game I'll leave. Of course, I'll let my buddies know.

    Those that I've formed a connection with, I'll be keeping in contact with them whether I'm playing that game or not.

    I've met quite a few people that played for others, when they should have left the game long ago. Since their boredom ran through loud and clear.

    I never looked up to the raiders in WoW. Although fun, well it wasn't where my interest was. Now that I think of it, I never looked up the top PVP folks either, even though I love to PvP. There were so many things I did like about WoW and did whatever interested me while I was playing the game.

  2. AnonymousJuly 20, 2010

    I do a little bit of everything myself :) Though these days, I've sworn off raiding completely. Cataclysm is almost upon us, I've lost all motivation to improve my character on the gear front.

    And as we've already talked about, you know I LOVES me some pet collecting :D I'm not as obsessed about it these days, but once in a while I still like farming for that elusive pet. Some people hate it, but I actually find the process kinda soothing. And nothing beats the feeling you get when you catch sight of the pet you were farming for in the loot window after like your 1,325th kill :D

  3. @ Moondancer- I think these days my friends tie me closer to the game cause me to play it instead of playing something else. I may just eat my words and remake my DK... I am the most indecisive person I know.

    @MMOGamerChick- Sometimes I don't feel like raiding but I enjoy going with my friends in the guild. I think that is what I enjoy the most.... I'm no longer a loot whore... What has happened!

    When you get some levels on the horde we will have to farm the phoenix hatching! I love farming old mounts and pets it's a nice goal sometimes. They will outlast that epic loot I got last raid!




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