Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ahoy Northrend- Goodbye Outland!

Finally I am able to adventure to Northrend with my Death Knight! Last night I was on and off a good bit and didn't know if I'd be able to hit 68 or not but Dire wanted to run me through many of the Outland instances which really gave me a nice boost through the levels.

As soon as I hit 68 I hearthed to Dalaran and ran to the bank to train my heirloom flying. I am pretty excited about getting this character to 80. While it isn't my first DK I've gotten to 80, things are rather different this time around. Last time I had a hard time finding a group due to the flood of Death Knights at the beginning of the expansion. There was no LFD system and the emblem system has since changed. I'm really looking forward to it this time around.

Why am I leveling another Death Knight here? My Priest is my main but there is a lot I can't go off and do with her. It's tougher to farm some of the old content with a clothie. The DK will be my fun goofing around character for that exploring and revisiting old content solo. I'm really excited about that part. I do want to raid with her some also, it is always a nice change to raid with something different and new. I've never had a chance to raid as a DK.

Things are going well. I'm mostly doing a few daily quest with my Priest, a few raids on the nights we raid and then just logging on my DK most the time to level her. I may slow it down some through Northrend, as the XP slows once you hit 70. Being able to fly out there, that will help a lot though.

In other news... Dire is back to playing his Warrior. This time as a Tauren! He decided he wanted the Warrior on the Horde side so it will be really cool to get instant groups with him now! He is tank spec and happy to be playing him on the horde.

Besides that it's nice having our friend playing here again. He's a Mage and Dire is excited to have another friend to play with here. Things are going quite well!

Safe adventures all!


  1. It is indeed nice to be playing again :) Thanks for hooking me up with a pretty cool guild too :)

    See you in ICC25 tonight :)

  2. Glad to be of help ;)

    Should be fun tonight!!

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