Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dark Age of Camelot- Deja Vu

I didn't play DAoC in its heyday, I didn't get to experience it in all it's glory. I started years after that because I was too busy playing Everquest to want to try anything else for five straight years. Finally I did try it, several years ago and it was one of the greatest gaming experiences I've had, thanks to the people.

I noticed lately that the trial no longer requires a credit card. You just sign up and *bam* you have 14 free days. If you see this game in the store don't bother picking it up, everything is now free, all you do is pay for the subscription. I haven't seen it in any store since 2007 honestly.

I was thinking about reactivating my account but I decided to just try it out first before taking any big leaps to another MMO. I had a grand time on my other character years ago. Doubting that I'd be so lucky to find friends as easily this time, I figured to start over for a few days to see how things were. On my second day playing I got a whisper asking if I wanted to join a guild, me being a person to jump at the chance of making new friends I accepted.

Deja Vu. These were some very kind people, I lucked out once again or this is still a great community, both possibly. They helped me with some gear, coin and best of all spent some time with me leveling talking and showing me the ropes all over again. I am a reborn newbie, I've forgotten a lot about the game, it's refreshing though. The kindness that has been showered upon me while playing this game always dumbfounds me as it's like going back ten years ago to my early days in EQ, people were so much nicer and helpful. I'm a carebear so I play on the Co-Op server, I love it there.

The game has had some changes but I've been gone so long I don't remember everything. It is a very beautiful world, having been revamped long ago, it still is quite lovely. It's fantasy, old world gaming- in the now. It has an old feeling, playing this game, that I remember feeling when I first tried Everquest. No, it's not Everquest but it reminds me of the classic game in a lot of ways, it's similar. If I wanted EQ I'd play it, this is fresh to me and it has so many classes to play, so many places to explore. It's new all over again to me.

Co-Op has about 150 people playing there. They do raids together and it seems a tight friendly community. I can't really get into depth as I just skimmed the surface but things do seem to be going on between alliances on an often basis. My friends were telling me of some GM events that had been going on recently that were lots of fun.

Hows game-play? Some classes can solo well and some still don't solo as well. Some things never change in games heh. The game is  older so to many it will feel clunky but once you get past that it's not bad, it's charming. If you are an old MMO player like myself you will appreciate the game play for what it is. The UI, it's not flashy but it gets the job done. The music is fantastic. The mobs are rustic but charming. The models are a bit dated but not horribly so. I love the Everquest models so these were fine with me. I'm a lover of old games, they tickle me.

If you are looking for something that might take you down memory lane, this might just do the trick. If I was looking to play a flashy new game I would be playing one, so keep that in mind. This is a solid older game with a really great community. There is much to do still, many classes to play and the level cap is 50. After the cap you can start alts at 20 which is nice. It's easy to group with friends. There is housing also and Guild Halls, a nice bonus.

I look forward to my journeys in DAoC. I'm so close to subscribing but I'm still giving it some thought, I still have several days on my trial. Now if I could get the ol' man to try it....Oh and Ding 20!

See ya in Camelot!

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