Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wandering (MMO)

As I mentioned a few weeks ago I was wanting to try out some trials, maybe some free MMO games. I've dabbled in a few things recently and wanted to give some thoughts on them. I suppose it's most surprising what I found to be exciting was something I passed over years ago. I'll save the best for last.

Dark Age of Camelot
I am still considering playing DAoC but I have a lot to think on. It is really a lovely game, it has an appeal I can't explain. Yesterday I made my way to a place around my level, out in a field in the middle of nowhere- killing headless corpses. I wondered where to go next then I realized I had no earthly idea where to go, I'd forgotten a lot. I remember towns and I can make my way around well enough but it will be a lot of learning if I play this. I cannot expect my husband to learn any of this in his short MMO playing time. I dropped the subject with him. I'm still thinking this one over.

Allods Online
I did manage to try Allods Online again. With the fear of Death mechanic changed the game was sounding much better at first glance. However, playing it as a main staple is not looking as appealing. It seems everything needed to enjoy the game at a decent rate is cash shop oriented. Do these people not get that you can do well with just cosmetic items!?

This game could have been so good. It had such promise. It's quite a let down to see it turn into this type of game. Not only are needed items in the shop but mounts are too... along with the food to make them level. I like to research games before getting into them and after finding all of this, I just decided to maybe pop in when I'm very bored and want to play around. Nothing serious.

I've played this game in the past very briefly. Something about it never has clicked with me. I don't know if it is the goofy characters or the characters yelling as they attack. I just can't get into it. I read a lot of blogs where people rave over it and figured I'd sit down and dedicate at least 30 minutes to trying it again. Maybe I'll see what people are talking about this time around?! I spent about an hour or so plodding along through the game.

In the end all I did was annoy my son with my character's battle cries and I realized some games just don't click with some people. Sure it's lovely, nothing out of the ordinary though. I'd rate the looks up there with Guild Wars. No matter how lovely a game, if I do not like the characters I will not play it. We win some we lose some. I want to say- It's not a bad game, it's just not one that catches my fancy.

Vanguard Saga of Heroes
I've tried the Vanguard trial in the past. Played it five minutes and brushed it aside. I bought it when it was released and it was full of bugs of course but until recently I haven't had a computer that would do it justice. On a whim I downloaded it and decided to give it more than five minutes.

I was actually very impressed and saddened at the same time. Impressed because this is a really nice MMO. I can't speak for high end as many games change once you get there. However I've spent quite a bit of time trying the classes and getting to know the game. It's so different than it was at release. I'm actually considering playing this game.

Sad why? Ah, this game has been neglected so badly. Why play a game that is tossed in the corner? I'm always one to 'fight' for the underdog, I'd like to experience it. I think this game could have been so much more. I actually think it could have surpassed EQ2 if things were done right. I'm not going to get into all this now, perhaps another time. I will say I already prefer the combat over EQ2. I'm not stuck facing the mob like a magnet. If you play or ever have played you know what horrible mechanic I am talking about.

I'm going to keep playing the trial for a few more days and decide if I want to play it or now. I was thinking of just getting a station pass. I'm not sure yet. I'm in no mood to head back to EQ2 anytime soon. Maybe EQ on the side. More tomorrow though! I've got some more playing to do before I dwell any deeper. I did manage to get Dire to try it! That's a start.

I think sometimes we, as gamers, are quick to write off games. There are a vast amount of good games out there. Some of us want to play what is cool, what's popular. Think outside the box for a change, you just might find something rewarding.

Safe adventures all!

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