Monday, July 12, 2010

Hopping Around (MMO)

I did a bit of hopping around this weekend in my games. I suppose I like a change of scenery sometimes. Or.. my curiosity gets the best of me. In any case I had fun.

My little Lock is almost fifteen now, going quite slow! I've been waiting around on Dire a lot and I am at the point where I'm thinking he isn't going to play his alt with me. He is constantly on the Alliance on his Mage. I actually left leveling a character there to play Horde with him, I swear... At any rate I am having fun with the Lock. I enjoy having a pet and it's going to be nice having more than one spec to dps or farm with! Currently I am affliction to level.

I'm doing some daily quests as I can on the Priest. I mostly just log in to do a few dailies and raid. My guild is asking if I want to heal but I don't know if I feel like farming badges for another set. I am still thinking it over. That and I don't enjoy healing on the Priest as much, Druids have it so laid back. I need more buttons on my mouse.. I need a new mouse in that case! I'd like to have this.

Free Realms
I hadn't logged in for a few days and my son asked me if I wanted to play. So we went off to find Elite coins to level our adventuring and get the rewards for them- backpacks!  I ended up hitting Adventure level 20, and I think he hit 14. We had a lot of fun finding them, we had to look up quite a few, well he did and I followed- lol. We also did a few instances together and this was fun, just the two of us.

I forgot I had several packs from the TCG to open, they must have sat there for months. I actually got quite a few neat items, Chatdy Backpack, Goth Jacket, Punk Pants and a few other cool items. I was really excited about that. I need to keep up with those!

Free Realms is not your general MMO, it's nice and laid back. Do whatever you want when you want type of thing. It is a nice change not to have to be grinding mobs all the time. Though with no high end content and can grow boring a tiny bit. But, this game doesn't have the pressure others do and it's nice. If I was a kid my parents would probably have to pry me off the computer with a crowbar!

I actually ended up checking out DAoC and need to mess around with it some more. I was going to write a bit about it today but I think I'll leave that for tomorrow. It's been interesting being back and the trial is easier than ever... More on that tomorrow!

Safe Adventures!


  1. Locks are so much fun, have you tried doing some BG's, if your faction wins you can gain a level simply by winning a few BG's. I'll miss my Druid and Warlock most of all /sighs /cry

    I do have a lot of great memories from WoW, heres hoping I'll eventually find another MMORPG that I like. I'm looking at you LOTRO.

  2. Oh I will miss reading about you playing WoW. You are an adventurer like me!

    I thought about trying LoTRO again but I am not too sure. I think I may download it.. again and try. I just dislike the character models.




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