Saturday, July 17, 2010

Among Friends

I've been keeping busy in WoW lately with heroics, raiding and doing a lot of daily quests to gather some money for my future Horde Death Knight. I have one on the Alliance but I am going to remake her on the Horde. I haven't done so many daily quests in ages but it's been nice just questing and gaining monies!

Yesterday lono from Screaming Monkeys transferred a character over which was a nice surprise. I'm always inviting bloggers over to play on Silvermoon and it's a real treat when and if they do. I'm always up for making new friends and doing some runs or something. We ran a few heroics and he is a great player. He tanked a few instances which was nice as we got groups instantly! I wasn't aware that he was as big into raiding, in the past, until actually talking to him in game. I hope to see more of him around, he's a very cool person. Plus, he's an uber tank!

It is always so much nicer to have friends to play with and my list is growing longer since being back. It's great to be among friends, the game feels different, better. I've made a few good friends within my guild, have a few old friends who pop on and new friends outside the guild. Speaking of the guild we plan on doing RS and ICC25 next week, I'm excited about this. 

I've been playing Free Realms with my son also. He likes to do some of the instances with our Ninjas, he's already a level higher than I! Speaking of Free Realms there is, for a short time, a lifetime subscription offer. It's really cheap considering you're a member for life. Something we will have to check out. This is a really charming game and I do hope they expand and continue to add to it.

I'm still playing Vanguard. I haven't yet decided to sub or not. Yesterday I had a rough time on a quest I need to complete so I will go at it again today. I like this game and still have the urge to play it so I'll continue to delve into it and see if it is something I can stick with or at least play it for awhile.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Oh that's great you have people to play with on Silvermoon. :) It's always nice bonding with folks with like-minded interest.

    I look for that too, in whatever I'm interested in. Now it's like-minded Web Entrepreneurs. Over the years, as a business owner and marketer, I've met but recently started looking for more.

    Regardless of your interests, it's always nice to connect with like-minded folks.

  2. Free Realms is interesting. As odd as it may sound coming from me, I would have jumped on a lifetime subscription of Free Realms, had it not been for the issue that keeps me from playing right now. That reason being the "modern" aspects of the game. If it were a strictly fantasy based game and had an interesting and engaging story, I'd most likely be playing now. Of what I did play, it was fun and I was able to enjoy a great deal of it.

    I just can't handle the time they give to some nonsense classes like "Kart Driver", "Soccer Star", "Postman", "Demolition Derby Driver" and "Card Duelist". I don't mind being silly and having some fun, but this silliness is just out of control. Even if they went all modern, I may be forgiving. At least it wouldn't feel like a hodgepodge of themes without any true direction. And yes, I do completely understand their target audition. My opinion remains the same, regardless.

  3. @Moondancer- Yes, it's nice to see people pop on and have someone to play with here and there. I still solo quit a bit in the end though. Daily quest and alts keep me going these days and looking forward to my raid.

    @ EM- I do have some jobs in FR that I dislike, soccer star.. ugh I really dislike that one. I only play around with the ones I like, postman wasn't that bad, a lot of mini games for it. I did it mostly for the speed boost boots- before mounts were added and pet speed boost were modified.

    I totally get where you are coming from though, it's not something I can play as a main game, it's great fun on the side though. Plus it's something my son and I can play together and always find something to do.

  4. Awww... your going to make me blush. Thanks for the nice comments. Had a lot of fun with you too.

    As for Free realms I think I lasted 30 minutes in there. Really not for me.

  5. @Lono- *waves* For some reason I can't see you as a FR player hehe.




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