Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Rundown...

*Yawn*.. I'm still tired. My neighbor woke us up, jamming in his car to 'Slayer', around 6am... Finally Dire went out and asked him to turn it down, which thankfully he did. I so need a nap about now. I couldn't go back to sleep so I ended up playing a bit of Dragon Age- surprise, surprise. <3 Dragon Age!

I'm actually looking forward, more so, to SWTOR after playing Dragon Age, I'm pretty impressed with Bioware in that aspect. While I am really more so into the fantasy medieval thing, I will be keeping a closer eye on it. recently had a neat video showing off some of the changes Cataclysm will bring to the landscape of Norrath. They also some info on changes ahead and the Cataclysm press event. I really think I would still be playing if expansions came out at a faster rate. I think Cataclysm will be very refreshing. I'm still waiting...

Last night I entered my first Battlegound in EQ2. It went pretty well. I was a bit confused at first, never being in one before. It was pretty fun, we won- woot! It is a bit different than what I am familiar with (WoW) being that the game mechanics function a lot differently but it wouldn't be hard to get into the sync of things.

I also managed to get myself a couple more sets of teleportation pads for my house, on Nyomi. I am in the process of adding another 'hidden' room only accessible through those, which is really sweet. Nyomi hit 78 last night, slow right? I've not spent a lot of time playing since the move, I'm working on the climb to 90 though! I will be happy to get there.

I also found another quest for a Halas item on the docks in Timorous Deep, for another valor bloom. I suppose you can't have too many of those lovely flowers! Another would look quite nice in my garden.

So, that's about it for me this weekend, hope everyone had an enjoyable one as well. What have you been up to? I'm always interested in hearing!


  1. AnonymousJune 14, 2010

    I really like BioWare, I've been thinking about checking out Dragon Age on my Mac. I've watched a few videos on Youtube, and it has held my attention, so we'll see... ;)

    I'm not missing WoW, even though I really do like the game. I haven't played the game in over 3 weeks. I'm actually thinking about just stepping away, always felt it was great to leave the game while you still enjoyed it. ;) If I do decide to walk off into the pixelated sunset within World Of Warcraft, I'll make sure to pop on my favorite toons one more time, before I sign off for good.

  2. Oh you should try it, it's excellent. I haven been playing it more than anything else lately lol.

    Right now I am up in the air with WoW, still waiting on my gear to be restored, well the big if. Dire is playing it a lot now. He mostly just does PvP.

    By the time I get my account settled it will be expired heh. If my items don't get restored I don't think I will play again until Cataclysm- If that.




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