Saturday, June 12, 2010

Maker's Breath...

I'm still enjoying myself with Dragon Age: Origins, I plan to play a bit this weekend as I have time. I've been watching Dire PvP a bit this afternoon, in WoW, a little bit. While I can't log in and actually play my character (well I could, but she is still lacking her gear), it's sometimes fun to watch someone else PvP. I don't really know if I have it in me to play it much after my sub runs out, but it's nice to see he is happy with it.

Back to DA, I've gotten a bit further and I know I will be sad when the game finishes up. I still have a ways to go though which is exciting. Some of the things I really have enjoyed:

The characters, I actually miss the banter and interaction when I log into my MMO games. I remember people saying this in the past but I didn't understand it until I played it. While we have real people to interact with in MMO games it does add a nice bit of charm having companions to amuse us with their witty banter, arguing and advice.

The music is really lovely, I  enjoy the music in this game a lot more than some others. I ended up creating 'Leliana's Song' for a ringtone heh. It does add a lovely atmosphere to the game, the music. Especially for the romantic kissy scenes ;) Hey! I'm a romantic at heart!

Also the story, I like the options- what you pick can slightly alter things. The story to the game is really intriguing. It is a game I can see myself playing over many times, which is always a good quality. 
It's refreshing to play something different than my normal games.

Maker watch over you... 


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