Friday, June 11, 2010

Dragon Age: Origins

Mostly this week, when I've had some time, I've been playing Dragon Age: Origins. I wanted to check it out when it was first released but I only picked it up about a month ago. Around the time it was released I was still using my old computer and I knew it wouldn't do the game justice. I considered grabbing it for the PS3 but I didn't think I would enjoy it as much. I am glad I waited it's simply a gorgeous game.

There are a few RPG games I will never, ever get rid of. I play them on occasion or just when I don't want to play online, this will be added to my collection. I simply adore this game, the banter between the characters, the interaction and the lovely scenery. It's very fun. Although I could never get into Oblivion, I have it floating around here somewhere, it sort of makes me think of it. My husband commented that it looked like a cross between Oblivion and Dungeon Siege. I agree there!

I love Dungeon Siege, although I do enjoy the dialogue in DA more so, the characters seem so vivid. There is also more free roaming off the path and you can interact with your characters in this game. I am going to finish it, I never like to pick up a game and not finish it (oh yeah .. Torchlight- I'm still working on that heh) If it really grabs me I will play it and finish it.

I finally found out, after thinking that my healer was quite stupid and required a baby sitter, that you can set them to heal at a certain percent, take potions and so on. Oh gee, that helped multitudes. It made things a lot more enjoyable. I also picked a rogue, it just seemed like a fun choice at the time. I have a caster and a warrior as well but the rogue is the highest.

I'm not that far in the game, but I found out you can mod your characters (well in most games you can but it is extensive what you can do in this game). No, not the cheat mods or armor mods, but alter hair and faces and so on. I wouldn't have fun if I was cheating, but changing a few things cosmetically can't hurt. I ended up just changing a new hair style for my rogue. She is so pretty and styling with her long hair now! Pictured at the top of the page. I used DWBH  with the DA Toolset. I had to make a new character, copy the cosmetic appearance binary from it and place it in the old character's file. I didn't think it worked at first, upon logging in I saw it did and I was so happy.

Although I do wish there was just a character editor or a barber in game (!) it is nice to be able to adjust things like that. I am quite happily playing this a bit in the evenings, I can't wait to see how the story opens up.

Have a great weekend! TGIF!

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