Wednesday, June 16, 2010

400 Pugs and Posts Later...

Today I had plans on posting part two of my 'We've lost some steam' post. Instead I've been busy working around with my resume and this week I will be sort of on the busy side. So, it will have to wait until later on in the week when my head is not as full as it is, heh.

I noticed today this will be my 400th post. I sort of lost count at some point and just happened to glance at the numbers this week. Nothing astonishing but it's a little mile marker for me. So what do I have to show for it and what have I learned? I have a lot of useless chaotic randomness floating around in my noggin that gets transferred to the web? I hope not lol. Here and there some ramblings of bad pugs or adventures gone awry, I do try to keep the grumbles minimal... I said try!

Ah.. I think I have learned you have to write what you like to keep at it, what makes you happy. Else- you might just grow sick of it and quit. I enjoy writing and I love, love, love MMO games and a new found love for a certain RPG game, so writing about them makes me happy.

I cringe at some of my older posts but there are part of the journey. I'm not the most popular blogger but that is ok. I try to do the best at what makes me happy. Partly, molding the look of the blog into something that reflects me and my artistic side as well as making my blog have a unique look and feel (yikes, a mouthful there) while being pleasing to readers has been a lot of fun. If you haven't noticed, there is (yet another) new banner this week.  Most of the time the banner reflects what I am into at that point, for now you can take a guess. Sometimes it doesn't, I can be pretty random.

At times I feel like quitting, other times I can't wait to share something here. Alas this blog is something that I am proud of and still enjoy. So, thanks for sticking around if you have been one of the readers that visits on a regular basis and if you're new I do so hope you will visit again.

For your viewing enjoyment a screen shot of the best pug ever (top), well... theoretically speaking.



  1. HAPPY 400th Post! Loveeeee these puggs! Your site is pretty darn wonderful lookin! Hey when you going to mine? lol

  2. Congrats!!! I still have 200+ post to do to catch up with you so I better get cracking! :)

    Keep it up!

  3. @ Janet.. Yeah yeah I am getting to it hehe.

    @lonmonkey- Haha, and Ty :D




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