Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Fun and Events

Lots of fun stuff going on this week. Listing some fun activities and throwing out a free beta key for TSW. First person to claim it gets it! The beta is scheduled for this weekend June 22. I'm glad that I'll get a chance to try it out, I got a hold of a few keys and ended up with one left over. The download can be found here. The NDA has been lifted and this weekend  and a new PvP area is making an appearance.


Speaking of Funcom, Anarchy Online is celebrating its' 11th birthday! You can find more details here. Looks like some fun stuff and a free jet pack in the item shop. I putter around with this game on occasion, trying to get a feel for it, a great time to jump in I'd think!

In WoW the Midsummer Fire Festival is hopping, lots of monies and achievements to be gained. Had some guildies complaining about running all over to get the fires, I actually enjoy visiting these areas again. Brings back a lot of memories as I've played since release. I suppose if it isn't fun... Don't do it? I can't complain about free monies and fun events. Plus, I already have the achievement on my priest, come MoP it will be shared, I'm just doing it for money and fun. I love holiday events!

If you're a LoTRO fan, Turbine is looking for player created Summer Events, they'll give some goodies as a reward [for these quests to use] as well. Very interesting concept! I like it a lot, a wonderful idea and a way to draw the community together. Glad to see more developers embracing things such as this.

Vanguard had another update today, this included some of the lower (1-10) areas. Test has been implemented with the 20-30 zones, which changes some areas like Veksal's and Silverlake. These are being revamped for a higher level (mid levels). I slightly cringe at the thought of Veksal's being changed, love that area for leveling at around 10, but I'll have faith in the developers that this is a path that will help newer players. Currently new content for 1-10 has been implemented on live and the IoD charm is available even if you don't start on the isle. These updated areas can be tested now and submitting feedback can help the developers gauge how the changes fare. And... this really screws up my new and returning player guide, *le sigh*.

Rift has Summerfest heading out when 1.9 hits, that patch looks fantastic! The event looks pretty fun too. With the free to play access (up to level 20), I might have to poke in on one of my lowbies to check it out. If I even have the time, tempting though. Also Massively has a fantastic returning and new player guide for the game!

Jade Dynasty has a birthday event going on, three years celebration! There are some gifts and titles to be had. You can find the details here.

I know I already mentioned this but SL9B is here. Second life is celebrating it's 9th birthday! Check out the celebrations with great rides, fun sites to see, freebies and more. Head on over to the grid to port over there!

Annnnd... Last but not least- Free Realms has gotten some fresh content (finally). In preparation for the new areas to be implemented, there is a Gloam Invasion going on now. Sadly, the official website mentions this but doesn't give much info on it. Free Realms Insider has a bit of info on this. You can check it out here.

Leaving you with a video full of awesome. Safe adventures!


  1. Is the IoD wrists at the herold of telon again? Missed it on a crafter when they gave them out last time(didn't want to level another hard to 10). Sorry about your guide!!

  2. No, they changed it so that you can quest for it off the island now. In the revamped starter zones they added to live yesterday. I don't blame you for not wanting to do it all over again, island isn't my fave sometimes!




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