Friday, June 25, 2010

Good To Be Back (WoW)

Do you have that one game that you just always fall back into? It fits like an old shoe, you know it so well that you feel comfortable whatever you are doing. No need to look up quests on sites, download map add-ons and the like.

For me I suppose it's WoW. While Everquest was that game for so long even that has changed in my long absences of playing. Now I will be the first to complain about things with WoW, but I suppose when you sit and think about it, this really is such a polished game- It works, it flows, it just fits.

Dire is playing avidly still and it is nice to group with him. We haven't played the same game on a regular basis for a few weeks. He is very happy at the idea of me playing again and I was even thinking about working on a set of healing gear if he wanted to get a tank set for his Paladin. I don't know if we will but it could be fun.

Things that I notice when playing my other games, or rather things I notice myself missing: It doesn't take ages to kill a mob. Really sitting there chipping away slowly at a mob gets boring quick. Money flows in easily and there are many ways to get it. I do miss flying mounts when I am gone so it's always nice to come back and use mine. Groups are easy to get, even as dps. Now if this game had housing I'd be in MMO heaven!

I'm not playing my games as much as I was. I just have other stuff to do, maybe I won't burn out so quickly this time. Who knows. I'm looking for a guild to raid a few nights a week with. I am feeling refreshed and happy to be back in the swing of things.

It just feels like home. I'm at the top I can join in on things, I don't wonder where to go or what to do all the time. Maybe I'll work on another alt here and there to help pass time while I wait on Cataclysm. For now... it's just good to be back.

See you in Azeroth!


  1. WoW definitely fills that niche for me as well. I might sneak off and play other games for a bit, but I always come home to WoW in the end.

  2. Yeah sounds like me too hehe!




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