Thursday, June 24, 2010

Did You Hear?

Anyone else remember Mythos? They have a new site up- Last call for closed beta, so get over there and sign up! I was happy to see some new on this finally. This game was really fun and I was disappointed to see the original close up shop. Check it out here.

It seems Aion is merging servers. I'd actually like to give this game another shot, in the future. I want the housing and mounts to come about though. Still waiting... I also hear that the test server is a decent place to play. Lots of people have complained about others flocking there abandoning the old servers. I suppose these merges should help remedy that some. What are your thoughts on these merges?

It's been ages since I heard anything new on DAoC. A new developer is revisiting some of the old zones and changing things up to be more up to date with how the game is today. Drops in particular, in classic zones, from what I understand. This is good to hear, some new life into this ol' game. I was always enchanted by this game, it's really a fun game that seemed to fade into the background. Check out the news here on the Camelot Herald, in the developers diary. I don't know anyone else who's played this game recently, anyone out there who still does? I still have an account I would like to fire back up one of these days. I wonder if my old friends still play... I had such an awesome guild. I remember them all coming out to meet me when I joined. I wish I still had those screen shots.

I'm wanting to check back into Allods before long. I am excited to hear that the death penalty will be going away. It will be replaced with some other mechanic, lets hope it's not as severe- or costly! This change takes place on July 7th with the new patch. Would this be considerate enough to get you to take a second look at the game?

Safe adventures all!

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